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 Committee Scope

API SC8 develops and maintains approximately 11 standards on:

  • drilling structures - Spec 4F and RP 4G;
  • drilling equipment - Spec 7K and RP 7L;
  • hoisting equipment - RP 8B and Spec 8C;
  • wire rope and roller chain - Spec 9A, RP 9B, and Spec 7F;
  • hammer unions - RP 7HU1 and Spec 7HU2.

You can get further details and scopes of these standards in the Exploration and Production section of the API Publications catalog at

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 Open Ballots

 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 532652SC08/TG01: Drilling Structures
4284ClosedPass10/04/201711/15/2017API 4F - Item 5102 (Definition of Crown Block Assembly)
4285ClosedPass10/04/201711/15/2017API 4F - Item 5104 (Definition of Design Validation)
4286ClosedPass10/04/201711/15/2017API 4F - Item 6106 (Tubular Steel)
4287ClosedPass10/04/201711/15/2017API 4F - Item 6107 (Removal of Commercial Requirements)
4503ClosedPass06/25/201808/06/2018API Spec 4F, Item6106 (Use of Tubular Steel Members) - Reballot
4508ClosedPass06/28/201808/16/2018API 4F, Clarification of Wording - Sec.
4505ClosedPass06/28/201808/16/2018API 4G, 5th edition
4564ClosedPass08/27/201810/05/2018API 4F, 4th edition, Item 6102 - Implementation of AISC-360-16
4784ClosedPass03/25/201905/06/20194F, e4 WI-6102, Upgrade to AISC e15
4814ClosedPass05/02/201906/13/2019API 4F, 4th Edition, WI 6102-Part 2, Design for Stability
4848ClosedPass07/08/201908/05/2019API 4F, 5th Edition, WI-8102_Sec. 8.1.5 Hydraulic Cylinders
4850ClosedPass07/08/201908/19/2019API RP 4G, 5th Edition, WI 8104, Name Plating
5112ClosedPass03/30/202004/27/2020API RP 4G, 5th Edition, Addendum 1, Operating Day
5209ClosedPass07/16/202008/13/2020API RP4G, 5th Edition, WI8103_Section 6.3 and Table 2
Committee ID : 11111466SC08/TG02: Drilling Equipment
4542ClosedPass07/20/201808/31/2018API 7K - Item 7201 (Design Verification and Validation)
4543ClosedPass07/20/201808/31/2018API 7K- Item-2202and3201-Hoses-20180720
4546ClosedResolution Required07/25/201808/31/2018API 7K, e6, Ammendment Item 7202; Alignment of 8C(3301)into 7K
4545ClosedPass07/23/201808/31/2018API 7L, 2e, Addendum hose related
4583ClosedPass08/29/201810/10/2018API 7K, 6th Edition, Item 5203 (Power Tongs)
4855ClosedPass07/10/201908/21/2019API 7K, 7th Edition, BOP Handling - Comments Only
4857ClosedPass07/19/201908/30/2019API RP 7L, 1st Edition - Reaffirmation
4876ClosedPass08/01/201909/12/2019API Spec 7K, 6th Edition, WI-8202_Dropped Objects
4952ClosedPass10/09/201911/20/2019API Spec 7K, 6th Edition, WI 0202-Drawworks-Comment Only
5178ClosedPass06/24/202008/05/2020API Spec 7K, 6th Edition, WI 8201-production lot markup
5201ClosedPass07/03/202008/07/2020SC8-RP Field Verification Procedure-Surface Applied Torque-Comment Only
5321ClosedRecirculation10/16/202012/10/2020API Spec 7K, 6th Edition, WI 9202, BOP Handling Systems and Equipment
Committee ID : 11121467SC08/TG03: Hoisting Equipment
4070ClosedPass02/16/201703/30/2017API 8C - Item 3301 (Nominal Equivalent Stress)
4476ClosedPass05/09/201806/07/2018API 8B - 8th Edition, Addendum 1
4473ClosedPass05/08/201806/07/2018API 8C - Item 7302 (Sheave Marking Req)
4474ClosedPass05/08/201806/07/2018API 8C - Item 7303 (Rotary Swivel Pressure Test)
4552ClosedPass08/13/201809/24/2018API 8C-6e, Item 3302 Marking Requirements
4856ClosedPass07/19/201908/30/2019API Spec 8C, 5th Edition - Reaffirmation
4877ClosedPass08/01/201909/12/2019API 8C, 5th Edition, WI 5304
5201ClosedPass07/03/202008/07/2020SC8-RP Field Verification Procedure-Surface Applied Torque-Comment Only
5203ClosedPass07/14/202008/25/2020API Spec 8C, 5th Edition, WI 9302 - Dropped Objects
5214ClosedPass07/21/202009/01/2020API Spec 8C, 5th Edition,WI 7303 Rotary Swivel
5332ClosedPass10/26/202012/14/2020API RP 8B, 8th Edition, Addendum 2 - WI 8103
Committee ID : 11131468SC08/TG04: Wire Rope & Roller Chain
4468ClosedPass05/07/201806/07/2018API 9B - Item 1402 (Wire Rope Design Factors)
4472ClosedPass05/08/201806/07/2018API 9B - Item 5401 (Improve Clarity)
4706ClosedPass01/15/201902/19/2019API 9B_Item5401-part2_Clarify Sec. 2.7
4826ClosedPass05/28/201907/02/2019API Spec 9A, 27th edition, document review
5550ClosedPass07/29/202109/09/2021API Spec 7F, 8th Edition, Reaffirmation
Committee ID : 13311722SC08/TG05: Hammer Unions
4846ClosedPass07/03/201908/14/2019API 7HU2, 1st Edition
5020ClosedPass01/31/202002/28/2020API RP 7HU1, 1st Edition - Reaffirmation
5115ClosedPass04/02/202005/14/2020API Spec 7HU2, 1st Edition, Limited Reballot
5460ClosedPass04/02/202105/16/20217HU2, 1st Edition Reballot
5633ClosedPass10/18/202111/09/2021API Spec 7HU2, 1st Edition, Limited Reballot
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