Committee Scope

Subcommittee 5, Tubular Goods (SC5)                        

API Staff Contact: Ben Coco (


SC5 develops, approves, and maintains standards pertaining and related to the product design and manufacture of:

  • casing/tubing and accessories for well operations
  • line pipe for transmission and facility piping
  • drill pipe and drill stem elements for drilling operations
  • pipe threading and gauging and thread compounds

The standards under SC5 are also supported with additional resources having expertise in metallurgy, performance properties, sour service, and coiled pipe

SC5 Advisory/Resource/Task Groups

  • Advisory Groups
    • Manufacturer (MAG)
    • User (UAG)
  • Resource Groups
    • Non-destructive Testing (RGNDT)
    • Performance Properties (RGPP)
    • Sour Service Products (RGSSP)
    • Coiled Tubulars (RGCT)
    • Monogram Program (RGMP)
  • Task Groups
    • Oil Country Tubular Goods (TGOCTG)​
    • Line Pipe (TGLP)
    • Drill Stem Elements (TGDSE)
    • Threading, Gauging, and Compounds (TGTGC)
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Ballot Information
NameSPEC 7V, WI 7039, Drill String Valves
Start Date02/25/2021
Closing Date04/09/2021
AssociateBenjamin Coco
CoordinatorBenjamin Coco
ProposalThis standard specifies the minimum design requirements for the following drill stem valves: drill pipe float valves, kelly valves, and inside blow out preventers. Qualification of items are intended to be independent for any of the components listed above. This equipment can be manufactured by different facilities or manufacturers and may be supplied as separate items. This standard does not cover maintenance and inspection once the valve has left the manufacturer and is in operation. This standard is not applicable to drill stem subs, standard steel and non-magnetic drill collars, drilling and coring bits, drill pipe and tool joints, rotary shoulder connection designs, thread gauging practice, or grand master, reference master and working gauges. The current SPEC 7NRV (1st Edition) is no longer in the Monogram Program and the scope is to be significantly changed that would necessitate its withdrawal. It would then be replaced with a new drill stem valve standard (SPEC 7V) and submitted for use in the Monogram Program.
ResultsResolution Required

Ballot Summary
Did Not Vote4 
Total Responses22 
Total Ballots26 
Response Rate84.62%Must be > 50%
Approval Rate88.24%Must be >= 66.67%
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