Committee Scope

Subcommittee 5, Tubular Goods (SC5)                        

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SC5 develops, approves, and maintains standards pertaining and related to the product design and manufacture of:

  • casing/tubing and accessories for well operations
  • line pipe for transmission and facility piping
  • drill pipe and drill stem elements for drilling operations
  • pipe threading and gauging and thread compounds

The standards developed and maintained by SC5, under the guidance advised from its ranking officers and members, is supported with additional resources having expertise in the areas of metallurgy, performance properties, sour service, coiled pipe, and SC5-monogram products.

SC5 Advisory/Resource/Task Groups

  • Advisory Groups
    • Manufacturer (MAG)
    • User (UAG)
  • Resource Groups
    • Non-destructive Testing (RGNDT)
    • Performance Properties (RGPP)
    • Sour Service Products (RGSSP)
    • Coiled Tubulars (RGCT)
    • Monogram Program (RGMP)
  • Task Groups
    • Oil Country Tubular Goods (TGOCTG)‚Äč
    • Line Pipe (TGLP)
    • Drill Stem Elements (TGDSE)
    • Threading, Gauging, and Compounds (TGTGC)


 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 567702SC05/TG01: Task Group on OCTG Casing & Tubing
4187ClosedPass07/14/201708/18/2017WI 1069 (5CRA), NDE Personnel Certification
4437ClosedPass03/16/201804/13/2018WI 1066 (5CRA), Process for Adding New Alloys and Grades
4634ClosedPass10/09/201811/07/2018API Spec 5CRA, Color Coding (WI 2422)
4633ClosedPass10/09/201811/07/2018API Spec 5CRA, Positive Material Indentification (WI 2407)
4635ClosedResolution Required10/09/201811/07/2018API TR 5C3, Update Annex D (WI 2408)
4797ClosedResolution Required04/10/201905/08/2019Spec 5CT, WI 1062, Straightness Requirements
4799ClosedResolution Required04/10/201905/08/2019Spec 5CT, WI 2395, Evaluate and Incorporate PSLs
4964ClosedResolution Required10/28/201911/22/2019WI 1071, Spec 5CT, Flattening Test Requirements
4961ClosedResolution Required10/28/201911/22/2019WI 2393, Spec 5CT, UT Inspection on Small Diameter Tubing
4977ClosedResolution Required11/15/201912/20/2019Spec 5CT, WI 2384, Annex I Requirement Review
4976ClosedResolution Required11/15/201912/20/2019TR 5C3, WI 2389, Update Annexes G and H
5139ClosedResolution Required05/01/202005/29/2020Spec 5CT, WI 2360, Stress Relief of Cold-worked Ends
5153ClosedResolution Required05/15/202006/12/2020TR 5C3, WI 2351, Temperature Effect on Performance Properties
5233ClosedResolution Required07/30/202008/20/20205CT, WI 1073, Removal of TR5 SR22
5232ClosedResolution Required07/30/202008/20/20205CT, WI 2414, Oblique Angle Requirements
5228ClosedResolution Required07/30/202008/20/20205CT, WI 2445, Annex F Redundant Marking
5407ClosedIn Progress02/22/202103/23/2021SPEC 5CT, WI 2438, Notch depth tolerance and other characteristics
5408ClosedIn Progress02/22/202103/23/2021SPEC 5CT, WI 2444, Clarify coupling painting requirements
5416ClosedIn Progress02/25/202103/26/2021SPEC 5CT, WI 2381, Charpy Impact Requirements
5415ClosedIn Progress02/25/202103/26/2021SPEC 5CT, WI 2429, Sour Service Products Requirement
5450ClosedIn Progress03/22/202104/20/2021SPEC 5CT, WI 2421, Alternate Diameter Measurement
5451ClosedIn Progress03/22/202104/20/2021SPEC 5CT, WI 2424, Automatic Visual Inspection
5452ClosedIn Progress03/22/202104/20/2021SPEC 5CT, WI 2425, Alternate Coupling Inspection
5453ClosedIn Progress03/22/202104/20/2021SPEC 5CT, WI 2430, Automated Straightness Optical Measurements
Committee ID : 504664SC05/TG02: Task Group on Line Pipe
4670ClosedPass11/07/201812/13/2018Spec 5L, WI 4240, Chemistry Changes for HTP
4812ClosedRecirculation04/25/201905/23/2019Spec 5L, EPRG Guidelines Update
4965ClosedRecirculation10/28/201911/22/2019WI 1071, Spec 5L, Flattening Test Requirements
4974ClosedRecirculation11/14/201912/12/2019Spec 5L 46th Ed, WI 4232-Moderate Sour Service
5161ClosedRecirculation05/27/202006/17/2020Spec 5L, WI 1069, Harmonize NDE Personnel Certification
5159ClosedResolution Required05/21/202007/02/2020RP 5L8, WI 4212, 3rd Edition
5179ClosedRecirculation06/26/202007/17/2020Spec 5L, WI 1068, Hydrotest Pressure-measuring Device Calibration
5383ClosedIn Progress02/05/202103/05/2021SPEC 5L, WI 4244, HFW Weld Seam Quality
5405ClosedIn Progress02/19/202103/19/2021SPEC 5L, WI 4250, Annex K Lamination Control
5406ClosedIn Progress02/19/202103/19/2021SPEC 5L, WI 4251, Sub-size Charpy Requirements
5421ClosedIn Progress03/05/202104/16/2021RP 5MIF, WI 4239, Mechanical Interference Fit Connections
5420ClosedIn Progress03/05/202104/16/2021RP 5MT, WI 4243, MTR Data Transfer, Tracking and Traceability
Committee ID : 498641SC05/TG03: Task Group on Drill Stem Elements
4639ClosedRecirculation10/09/201812/05/2018API Spec 7-1, 2nd Edition (WI 7022)
5418ClosedIn Progress02/25/202104/09/2021SPEC 7V, WI 7039, Drill String Valves
5466ClosedIn Progress04/15/202105/28/2021RP 7G-1, WI 7001, Development of 7G-1 from 7G split
Committee ID : 554630SC05/TG04: Task Group on Threading, Gauging, & Compounds
5139ClosedResolution Required05/01/202005/29/2020Spec 5CT, WI 2360, Stress Relief of Cold-worked Ends
5234ClosedPass07/30/202008/20/20205B, WI 1073, Removal of TR5 SR22
5422ClosedIn Progress03/05/202104/16/2021RP 5A3, WI 3087, 4th Edition Development
5432ClosedIn Progress03/15/202104/27/2021TR 5SF, WI 3081, Guidelines for Evaluating Connection Performance in Multi-Fractured Horizontal Wells
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