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 Committee Scope

SC 19 develops and maintains standards on:

  • Packers and Bridge Plugs - Spec 11D1
  • Electric Submersible Pumps - RP 11S1
  • Subsurface Flow Control Equipment - Spec 14A, RP 14B, Spec 14L
  • Completion Accessories - Spec 19AC
  • Perforator Evaluation - RP 19B
  • Chemical Injection Valves - Spec 19CI
  • Downhole Electronic Components - Spec 19E
  • Gas Lift Equipment - Spec 19G1, Spec 19G2, Spec 19G3, RP 19G4, RP 19G5, RP 19G6, RP 19G9, RP 19G10, RP 19G11, 19G15, 19GLHB
  • Inflow Control Devices - Spec 19ICD
  • Interval Control Valves - Spec 19ICV
  • Liner Hangers - Spec 19LH
  • Openhole Isolation Equipment - Spec 19OH
  • Downhole Perforating Tools - Spec 19PT
  • Sand Screen Equipment - Spec 19SS
  • Downhole Well Test Tools - Spec 19TT
  •  Subsurface Completion Isolation (Barrier) Valves and Related Equipment- Spec 19V
  • Explosives Safety - RP 67

You can get further details and scopes of these standards in the Exploration and Production section of the API Publications catalog at

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 API Ballot System

 Open Ballots

 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 13301781SC19: 11D1 - Packers & Bridge Plug Equipment
4847ClosedResolution Required07/08/201908/05/2019Comment Only Ballot for API 11D1, 4th Edition
4982ClosedResolution Required11/22/201901/16/2020API 11D1, 4th Edition
5231ClosedIn Progress07/30/202008/27/2020Reballot of API 11D1, 4th Edition
5634ClosedIn Progress10/21/202112/02/2021API 11D1, 4th Edition, Addendum 1
Committee ID : 17372444SC19: 11S - ESP Documents
5220ClosedPass07/24/202008/20/2020Reaffirmation of API 11S1, 3rd Edition
5219ClosedPass07/24/202008/20/2020Withdrawal of API 11S, 3rd Edition
5221ClosedPass07/24/202008/20/2020Withdrawal of API 11S2, 2nd Edition
5222ClosedPass07/24/202008/20/2020Withdrawal of API 11S3, 2nd Edition
5223ClosedPass07/24/202008/20/2020Withdrawal of API 11S4, 3rd Edition
5224ClosedPass07/24/202008/20/2020Withdrawal of API 11S5, 2nd Edition
5225ClosedPass07/24/202008/20/2020Withdrawal of API 11S6, 1st Edition
5226ClosedPass07/24/202008/20/2020Withdrawal of API 11S7, 1st Edition
5227ClosedPass07/24/202008/20/2020Withdrawal of API 11S8, 2nd Edition
5663OpenIn Progress12/15/202101/19/2022API 11S1, 4th Edition
Committee ID : 1344724SC19: 14A&14B Task Group - Subsurface Flow Control Equipment
4829ClosedResolution Required05/30/201906/20/2019Comment Only Ballot for API 14A, 12th Edition, Addendum 2
5175ClosedPass06/18/202007/09/2020Reaffirmation of API 14A, 12th Edition
5353ClosedResolution Required12/09/202001/22/2021API 14A, 13th Edition - COMMENT ONLY
5483ClosedPass05/25/202106/14/2021Reaffirmation of API 14B, 6th Edition
Committee ID : 20182505SC19: 14L - Lock Mandrels and Landing Nipples
4714ClosedResolution Required01/18/201903/11/2019API 14L, 3rd Edition
4991ClosedResolution Required12/05/201901/16/2020Reballot of API 14L, 3rd Edition
Committee ID : 13481796SC19: 19AC Accessories
5656ClosedIn Progress12/01/202101/05/2022Reaffirmation of ANSI/API 19AC, 1st Edition
Committee ID : 13461794SC19: 19G Gas Lift Task Group
5487ClosedIn Progress06/01/202107/01/2021API 19G1, 2nd Edition, Addendum 1
5651ClosedIn Progress11/16/202112/16/2021API 19G2, 2nd Edition, Addendum 1
Committee ID : 21762690SC19: 19ICD Inflow Control Devices (ICD)
4838ClosedResolution Required06/13/201907/25/2019API 19ICD, 1st Edition
Committee ID : 16172253SC19: 19LH Liner Hangers
5305ClosedResolution Required09/25/202011/02/2020API 19LH, 1st Edition, Addendum 1
Committee ID : 23132826SC19: 19PT Perforating Tools
5570ClosedIn Progress08/23/202109/27/2021API 19PT, 1st Edition
Committee ID : 16502322SC19: 19TT Downhole Well Test Tools
5657ClosedIn Progress12/01/202101/05/2022Reaffirmation of API 19TT, 1st Edition
Committee ID : 603737SC19:19B Perforating
5244ClosedResolution Required08/20/202010/01/2020API 19B, 3rd Edition
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