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 Committee Scope

SC 18 currently maintains the following documents:

Spec Q1, Specification for Quality Programs for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries

Spec Q2, Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Service Supply Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries

Std 18LCM, Product Life Cycle Management System Requirements for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries

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 Open Ballots

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Ballot Information
NameReballot of API Q2, 2nd Edition
Start Date11/17/2020
Closing Date01/07/2021
AssociateKatie Burkle
CoordinatorKatie Burkle
ProposalThis is a limited scope reballot of API Q2, 2nd edition which includes the changes made as a result of the comment resolutions from ballot 5157. Comments will only be accepted on the changed portions of the ballot (tracked changes). Any comments submitted for other portions of the document will be considered for a future addendum or edition. Please note that there is a new version of the ballot template spreadsheet that is used for uploading bulk comments. You can download it here:
ResultsResolution Required

Ballot Summary
Did Not Vote5 
Total Responses17 
Total Ballots22 
Response Rate77.27%Must be > 50%
Approval Rate100.00%Must be >= 66.67%
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