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 Committee Scope

​Subcommittee 17 (SC17) develops and maintains approximately 42 p​ublications within the following subsea production system topics:

  • subsea system,
  • wellhead and christmas tree equipment,
  • flowlines, jumpers and umbilicals,
  • flexible pipe,
  • subsea production control systems,
  • reliability, technical risk, and integrity management,
  • subsea capping stacks/response
  • completion/workover riser systems, and
  • remotely operated vehicles/tools.

Recent development in the topics of:

  • high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) design guidelines,
  • chemical injection – design, testing, and qualification

You can get further details and scopes of the Series 17 standards in the Exploration and Production section of the API Publications catalog. 

​The following documents are currently under development. Please contact Ivan Pinto ( if you would like to participate in the applicable Task Group.

17B RP: Flexible Pipe Under revision (e6) 
17D Spec: Subsea Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment Under revision (e3) 
17E Spec: Subsea Umbilicals Under revision (e6)
17F Std: Subsea Production Control Systems Under revision (e5)
17G1 Std: System Configuration and Operation of Subsea Well Intervention Systems In development
17G2 RP:  Subsea Pumping Well Intervention Systems In development
17G3 RP: Design of Subsea Well Intervention Systems using Non-Ferrous Alloys In development
17G4 RP: Riserless Subsea Well Intervention Systems In development
17J Spec: Unbonded Flexible Pipe Under revision (e5)
17L1 Spec: Flexible Pipe Ancillary Equipment Under revision (e2)
17L2 RP: Flexible Pipe Ancillary Equipment Under revision (e2)
17R RP: Flowline Connectors and Jumpers Under revision (e2)
17S RP:  Design, Testing, and Operation of Subsea Multiphase Flow Meters Under revision (e2) 
17W RP: Subsea Capping Stacks Under revision (e2)
17X RP: Subsea Pump Module Systems In development
17Y RP: Subsea Chemical Injection-Design, Testing and Qualification In development
17Z RP: Medium Voltage Equipment for Subsea Production Systems In development
17TR14 TR: Workover/Intervention Guidance for Global Riser Analysis In development
17TR16 TR: Subsea Hydrocarbon Leak Detection Systems Using Process Data In development


 Reference Documents
 CSOEM Links
 BSEE Report: Guidance on Hydrotesting Deepwater O&G Pipelines

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