Subcommittee 17 Mission

​The API Subcommittee on Subsea Production & Intervention Systems (SC17) provides leadership in the efficient development and maintenance of subsea standards that meet the priority needs of the global oil and gas exploration and production industry by minimizing needs for individual company standards, promoting broad availability of safe, interchangeable oilfield equipment and materials, and, promoting broad availability of proven engineering and operating practices.

SC17 leadership is committee to promote the standardization process by​

  • Promoting global participation from companies and individuals, with an aim to continuously improve the standards in the SC17 suite.
  • Increasing participation at all levels of SC17 from companies and individuals who have not previously participated in the API standards development process.
  • Maintain balance participation of subject matter experts within three main categories: Operator-User / Manufacturer / General Interest
  • Ensuring a thorough, transparent, and agile standards development process
  • Promote collaboration with other industry standardization organizations to streamline engineering and operating practices​

 Committee Scope

​Subcommittee 17 (SC17) develops and maintains approximately 42 p​ublications within the following subsea production system topics:

  • subsea system,
  • wellhead and christmas tree equipment,
  • flowlines, jumpers and umbilicals,
  • flexible pipe,
  • subsea production control systems,
  • reliability, technical risk, and integrity management,
  • subsea capping stacks/response
  • completion/workover riser systems, and
  • remotely operated vehicles/tools.

Recent development in the topics of:

  • high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) design guidelines,
  • chemical injection – design, testing, and qualification

You can get further details and scopes of the Series 17 standards in the Exploration and Production section of the API Publications catalog. 

​The following documents are currently under development. Please contact Ivan Pinto ( if you would like to participate in the applicable Task Group.

RP: Flexible Pipe​​Under revision (e6)
17D Spec: Subsea Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment Under revision (Addendum 2) 
17E Spec: Subsea Umbilicals
Under revision (e6)
17F Std: Subsea Production Control Systems Under revision (e5)
17G2 RP:  Subsea Pumping Well Intervention Systems
In development
​RP: Design of Subsea Well Intervention Systems using Non-Ferrous Alloys
​Under revision (e2)
RP: Riserless Subsea Well Intervention Systems
In development
​RP: ROTs and Interfaces on Subsea Production Systems
​Under revision (e4)
17J Spec: Unbonded Flexible Pipe Under revision (e5)
​RP: Subsea Structures and Manifolds
​​Under revistion (e3)
​Spec: Valves on Subsea Structures 
​In development
RP: Wet and Dry Thermal Insulation of Subsea Flowlines and Equipment​
​Under revision (e2)
RP: Analysis, Design, Installation and Testing of Safety Systems
Under revision (e2)
RP: Medium Voltage Equipment for Subsea Production Systems In development
TR: The Aging of PA-11 in Flexible Pipes
​Under revision (e2)
TR: Workover/Intervention Guidance for Global Riser Analysis In development
TR: Flow Assurance Considerations in Subsea Production Systems​​​In development


 Reference Documents
 CSOEM Links
 BSEE Report: Guidance on Hydrotesting Deepwater O&G Pipelines

 Open Ballots

 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 814887SC17: Voting Subsea Equipment
4707ClosedPass01/16/201902/27/201917O, 2nd Ed Reaffirmation
4768ClosedPass03/11/201904/09/201917TR8_e2_Addendum 1
4813ClosedPass04/29/201906/11/201917Y 1st Edition
4834ClosedPass06/06/201907/18/201917G 5th Ballot
4899ClosedPass08/28/201909/25/201917D_e2 Addendum 2
5004ClosedPass12/27/201902/09/202017D 3rd Edition
5094ClosedPass03/12/202004/26/202017W 2nd Ed
5140ClosedPass05/04/202005/31/202017V 1st Ed with Errata 1 - Reaffirmation
5148ClosedPass05/11/202006/22/202017L1 2nd Ed
5149ClosedPass05/11/202006/22/2020RP 17L2 2nd Edition
5171ClosedPass06/17/202007/15/202017U 1st Edition - Reaffirmation
5174ClosedPass06/17/202007/29/202017G3 1st Edition
5204ClosedPass07/09/202008/07/202017L1, 1st Edition - Reaffirmation
5205ClosedPass07/09/202008/07/202017L2, 1st Edition - Reaffirmation
5239ClosedPass08/05/202009/03/202017W 2nd Edition - Limited Reballot
5304ClosedResolution Required09/25/202011/13/202017D 3rd Edition - Reballot
5333ClosedResolution Required11/03/202012/15/2020RP 17X 1st Edition - Reballot
5335ClosedResolution Required11/05/202012/17/2020API RP 17L2 2nd Edition - Reballot
5334ClosedResolution Required11/05/202012/17/2020API Spec 17L1 2nd Edition - Reballot
5374ClosedResolution Required01/26/202103/09/2021RP 17Y 1st Edition
5397ClosedPass02/16/202103/30/2021API RP 17B, 5th Edition - Reaffirmation
5398ClosedPass02/16/202103/30/2021API Spec 17J, 4th Edition - Reaffirmation
5469ClosedResolution Required04/22/202106/03/2021API Spec 17D, 3rd Edition - Reballot
5479ClosedResolution Required05/18/202106/15/2021API 17X 1st Edition - Limited Reballot
5477ClosedResolution Required05/10/202106/23/2021API 17R 2nd Edition
5532ClosedPass07/12/202108/25/2021API 17TR8, 3rd Edition
5599ClosedResolution Required09/16/202110/28/2021API 17S, 2nd Edition
5638ClosedResolution Required10/27/202111/30/2021API 17Y 1st edition - Limited Reballot
5636ClosedResolution Required10/22/202112/09/2021API 17A, 6th Edition
5642ClosedResolution Required10/29/202112/13/2021API 17G1, 1st Edition
5649ClosedResolution Required11/15/202101/10/2022API 17TR16, 1st Edition
5668ClosedResolution Required01/03/202202/13/2022API 17TR8, 3rd Edition - Reballot
5732ClosedResolution Required03/24/202205/05/2022API 17F, 5th Edition
5802ClosedResolution Required06/13/202207/26/2022RP 17G2, 1st Edition
5806ClosedResolution Required06/15/202207/27/2022API 17D, 3rd Edition - Addendum 1
5809ClosedResolution Required06/27/202208/08/2022API 17TR16, 1st Edition
5833ClosedResolution Required08/03/202209/09/2022API 17R 2nd Edition - Reballot
5857ClosedResolution Required09/06/202210/18/2022API 17TR14, 1st Edition
5988ClosedIn Progress02/02/202303/02/2023API 17N, 2nd Edition - Reaffirmation
5989ClosedIn Progress02/02/202303/02/2023API 17Q, 2nd Edition - Reaffirmation
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