Subcommittee 17 Mission

​The API Subcommittee on Subsea Production & Intervention Systems (SC17) provides leadership in the efficient development and maintenance of subsea standards that m​eet the priority needs of the global oil and gas exploration and production industry by minimizing needs for individual company standards, prom​oting broad availability of safe, interchangeable oilfield equipment and materials, and, promoting broad availability of proven engineering and operating practices.

SC17 leadership is committee to promote the standardization process by​

  • Promoting global participation from companies and individuals, with an aim to continuously improve the standards in the SC17 suite.
  • Increasing participation at all levels of SC17 from companies and individuals who have not previously participated in the API standards development process.
  • Maintain balance participation of subject matter experts within three main categories: Operator-User / Manufacturer / General Interest
  • Ensuring a thorough, transparent, and agile standards development process
  • Promote collaboration with other industry standardization organizations to streamline engineering and operating practices​

 Committee Scope

​Subcommittee 17 (SC17) develops and maintains approximately 42 p​ublications within the following subsea production system topics:

  • subsea system,
  • wellhead and christmas tree equipment,
  • flowlines, jumpers and umbilicals,
  • flexible pipe,
  • subsea production control systems,
  • reliability, technical risk, and integrity management,
  • subsea capping stacks/response
  • completion/workover riser systems, and
  • remotely operated vehicles/tools.

Recent development in the topics of:

  • high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) design guidelines,
  • chemical injection – design, testing, and qualification

You can get further details and scopes of the Series 17 standards in the Exploration and Production section of the API Publications catalog. 

​The following documents are currently under development. Please contact Ivan Pinto ( if you would like to participate in the applicable Task Group.

RP: Flexible Pipe​​Under revision (e6)
17D Spec: Subsea Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment Under revision (Addendum 2) 
17E Spec: Subsea Umbilicals
Under revision (e6)
17F Std: Subsea Production Control Systems Under revision (e5)
17G2 RP:  Subsea Pumping Well Intervention Systems
In development
​RP: Design of Subsea Well Intervention Systems using Non-Ferrous Alloys
​Under revision (e2)
RP: Riserless Subsea Well Intervention Systems
In development
​RP: ROTs and Interfaces on Subsea Production Systems
​Under revision (e4)
17J Spec: Unbonded Flexible Pipe Under revision (e5)
​RP: Subsea Structures and Manifolds
​​Under revistion (e3)
​Spec: Valves on Subsea Structures 
​In development
RP: Wet and Dry Thermal Insulation of Subsea Flowlines and Equipment​
​Under revision (e2)
RP: Analysis, Design, Installation and Testing of Safety Systems
Under revision (e2)
RP: Medium Voltage Equipment for Subsea Production Systems In development
TR: The Aging of PA-11 in Flexible Pipes
​Under revision (e2)
TR: Workover/Intervention Guidance for Global Riser Analysis In development
TR: Flow Assurance Considerations in Subsea Production Systems​​​In development


 Reference Documents
 CSOEM Links
 BSEE Report: Guidance on Hydrotesting Deepwater O&G Pipelines

 Open Ballots

 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 814887SC17: Voting Subsea Equipment
4707ClosedPass01/16/201902/27/201917O, 2nd Ed Reaffirmation
4768ClosedPass03/11/201904/09/201917TR8_e2_Addendum 1
4813ClosedPass04/29/201906/11/201917Y 1st Edition
4834ClosedPass06/06/201907/18/201917G 5th Ballot
4899ClosedPass08/28/201909/25/201917D_e2 Addendum 2
5004ClosedPass12/27/201902/09/202017D 3rd Edition
5094ClosedPass03/12/202004/26/202017W 2nd Ed
5140ClosedPass05/04/202005/31/202017V 1st Ed with Errata 1 - Reaffirmation
5148ClosedPass05/11/202006/22/202017L1 2nd Ed
5149ClosedPass05/11/202006/22/2020RP 17L2 2nd Edition
5171ClosedPass06/17/202007/15/202017U 1st Edition - Reaffirmation
5174ClosedPass06/17/202007/29/202017G3 1st Edition
5204ClosedPass07/09/202008/07/202017L1, 1st Edition - Reaffirmation
5205ClosedPass07/09/202008/07/202017L2, 1st Edition - Reaffirmation
5239ClosedPass08/05/202009/03/202017W 2nd Edition - Limited Reballot
5304ClosedResolution Required09/25/202011/13/202017D 3rd Edition - Reballot
5333ClosedResolution Required11/03/202012/15/2020RP 17X 1st Edition - Reballot
5335ClosedResolution Required11/05/202012/17/2020API RP 17L2 2nd Edition - Reballot
5334ClosedResolution Required11/05/202012/17/2020API Spec 17L1 2nd Edition - Reballot
5374ClosedResolution Required01/26/202103/09/2021RP 17Y 1st Edition
5397ClosedPass02/16/202103/30/2021API RP 17B, 5th Edition - Reaffirmation
5398ClosedPass02/16/202103/30/2021API Spec 17J, 4th Edition - Reaffirmation
5469ClosedResolution Required04/22/202106/03/2021API Spec 17D, 3rd Edition - Reballot
5479ClosedResolution Required05/18/202106/15/2021API 17X 1st Edition - Limited Reballot
5477ClosedResolution Required05/10/202106/23/2021API 17R 2nd Edition
5532ClosedPass07/12/202108/25/2021API 17TR8, 3rd Edition
5599ClosedResolution Required09/16/202110/28/2021API 17S, 2nd Edition
5638ClosedResolution Required10/27/202111/30/2021API 17Y 1st edition - Limited Reballot
5636ClosedResolution Required10/22/202112/09/2021API 17A, 6th Edition
5642ClosedResolution Required10/29/202112/13/2021API 17G1, 1st Edition
5649ClosedResolution Required11/15/202101/10/2022API 17TR16, 1st Edition
5668ClosedResolution Required01/03/202202/13/2022API 17TR8, 3rd Edition - Reballot
5732ClosedResolution Required03/24/202205/05/2022API 17F, 5th Edition
5802ClosedResolution Required06/13/202207/26/2022RP 17G2, 1st Edition
5806ClosedResolution Required06/15/202207/27/2022API 17D, 3rd Edition - Addendum 1
5809ClosedResolution Required06/27/202208/08/2022API 17TR16, 1st Edition
5833ClosedResolution Required08/03/202209/09/2022API 17R 2nd Edition - Reballot
5857ClosedResolution Required09/06/202210/18/2022API 17TR14, 1st Edition
5988ClosedPass02/02/202303/02/2023API 17N, 2nd Edition - Reaffirmation
5989ClosedPass02/02/202303/02/2023API 17Q, 2nd Edition - Reaffirmation
6060ClosedResolution Required04/14/202305/26/2023API RP 17Z, 1st Edition
6068ClosedResolution Required05/01/202306/12/2023API 17U, 2nd Edition
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