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 Committee Scope

SC 16 develops and maintains standards covering:

  • drill-through equipment (TG 1), Spec 16A, Spec 16AR, 16AS, RP 16SP;
  • coiled tubing well control, (TG 2), RP 16ST, 16WL, 16B;
  • choke and kill systems (TG 3), Spec 16C;
  • control systems and drilling well control equipment (TG 4), Spec 16D;
  • (TG 5), Std 53, Std 64, RP 59, 16CBM;
  • marine drilling riser systems (TG 6), Spec 16F, RP 16Q, Spec 16FR;
  • underbalanced drilling (TG 7), Spec 16RCD;
  • completions frac iron (TG 8), Std 16FI (under development).

You can get further details and scopes of the Series 16 standards in the Exploration and Production section of the API Publications catalog.

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 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 23522872SC16 Task Group 1- 16A,16AR,16AS,16SP
5492ClosedResolution Required06/04/202107/27/2021API Std 16AR, 2nd Edition
Committee ID : 23572875SC16 Task Group 5 - S53,S64, RP59, 16CBM
5473ClosedPass05/06/202106/06/2021API Bulletin 16H, 1st Edition - Comment Only
5564OpenIn Progress08/16/202109/27/2021API Bulletin 16H, Automated Safety Instrumented Systems for Onshore Blowout Preventer Actuation, 1st Edition
Committee ID : 23582876SC16 Task Group 6 - 16F, 16FR, 16Q
5485ClosedPass05/26/202107/07/2021API Std 16FR, 1st Edition - COMMENT ONLY
Committee ID : 23592877SC16 Task Group 7 - 16RCD
5560OpenIn Progress08/10/202109/28/2021API Spec 16RCD, Rotating Control Devices, 3rd Edition
Committee ID : 23552873SC16 Voting Group 2 - 16B, 16ST, 16WL
5133ClosedPass05/05/202006/16/2020API RP 16ST, 2nd Edition, Limited Reballot
Committee ID : 23532870SC16 Voting Group 3 - 16C
4864ClosedPass07/29/201909/09/2019API Spec 16C, 3rd Edition - Re-ballot/ Limited Ballot
5132ClosedPass04/16/202005/28/2020API Spec 16C, 3rd Edition, Limited Reballot
Committee ID : 23582876SC16 Voting Group 6 - 16F, 16FR, 16Q
5104ClosedPass03/24/202005/05/2020API Spec 16F, 2nd Edition, Addendum 1
5290ClosedPass09/11/202010/09/2020API Spec 16F, 2nd Edition, Addendum 1- Limited Reballot
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