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 Committee Scope

SC 15 develops, approves and maintains publications of Fiberglass and Plastic Tubular standards that meet the priority needs of the global oil and gas exploration and production industry by minimizing needs for individual company standards, promoting broad availability of safe, interchangeable oilfield equipment and materials, and, promoting broad availability of proven engineering and operating practices.

The SC15 Task Groups and Work Groups include:

  • Fiberglass Line Pipe and Tubulars
    • Spec 15HR             High Pressure Fiberglass Pipe
    • Spec 15LR              Low Pressure Fiberglass Pipe
    • Spec 15CLT            Composite Lined Steel Tubulars
    • Spec 15TL4            Care and Handling of Fiberglass Pipes
  • Composite Line Pipe and Tubulars
    • Spec 15S                Spoolable Plastic Line Pipe
    • RP 15SA                 Integrity Assessments of Spoolable Reinforced Line Pipe
    • RP 15SIH                Installation and Handling of Spoolable Reinforced Line Pipe
  • Thermoplastic Pipe
    • Spec 15LE              Polyethylene Line Pipe
    • Spec 15XX             Thermoplastic Liners
    • Spec 15PX             Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX) Line Pipe
  • Lay flat House
    • RP 15WT                Operation of Lay Flat Hose in oilfield water applications
    • Spec 15LF              Lay Flat Hose Assemblies for the Transport of Water in Oilfield Applications​

You can get further details and scopes of the Series 15 standards in the Exploration and Production section of the API Publications catalog.

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 Open Ballots

 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 13141762CSOEM Voters Only
5699ClosedResolution Required03/04/202204/12/2022API Standard 1PTC, First Edition
6112ClosedIn Progress07/20/202309/01/2023API S1 25th Edition, Organization and Procedures for the CSOEM
Committee ID : 514653SC15/TG1: Task Group on Fiberglass Line Pipe and Tubulars
4594ClosedPass09/13/201810/11/2018API Spec 15LR, 7th Edition - reaffirmation
5401ClosedPass02/17/202103/31/2021API Spec 15HR, 4th Edition - Reaffirmation
5803ClosedPass06/14/202207/27/2022API 15TL4, 3rd Edition
5978ClosedPass01/30/202302/27/2023API 15CLT, 1st Edition - Withdrawal
Committee ID : 515662SC15/TG2: Task Group on Composite Line Pipe and Tubulars
4645ClosedPass10/19/201811/16/2018API 15S, e2 - limited ballot
5147ClosedPass05/11/202006/08/2020API RP 15SIH, 1st Edition, Comment Only
5364ClosedResolution Required12/30/202002/12/2021RP 15SIH 1st Edition - Ballot
5381ClosedResolution Required01/29/202103/15/2021RP 15SA, 1st Edition
5498ClosedResolution Required06/09/202107/07/2021RP 15SIH 1st Edition - Limited Reballot
5553ClosedResolution Required08/03/202109/14/2021API 15S, 3rd Edition
5607ClosedResolution Required09/27/202110/25/2021API 15SA, 1st Edition - Reballot
5678ClosedResolution Required01/14/202202/13/2022API 15S, 3rd Edition - Reballot
6077ClosedIn Progress05/26/202307/07/2023API 15S 3rd Edition - Addendum 1
Committee ID : 516677SC15/TG3: Task Group on Thermoplastic Pipe
4694ClosedFail12/19/201801/22/2019API Spec 15LE, 5th edition
5403ClosedResolution Required02/17/202103/31/2021API Spec 15PX, 2nd Edition
5524ClosedFail06/29/202108/11/2021API 15LE, 5th Edition
5737ClosedResolution Required03/29/202205/03/2022API 15LE, 5th Edition
Committee ID : 23542878SC15/TG4 Voting Group for Lay Flat Hose
4880ClosedPass08/08/201909/17/2019API RP 15WT, 1st Edition
5207ClosedPass07/10/202008/03/2020API Spec 15LF, 1st Edition - Comment Only Ballot
5365ClosedResolution Required12/30/202002/12/2021API Spec 15LF 1st Edition
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