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 Committee Scope

API SC 10 develops and maintains approximately 24 standards on:

  • well cements,
  • casing centralizers, and​
  • cement float equipment.

You can get further details and scopes of these standards in the Exploration and Production section of the API Publications catalog at​

The following documents are maintained or in development in SC10:

10A - Spec Cements and Materials for Well Cementing
10B-2 - RP Testing Well Cements10B-3 - RP Testing of Deepwater WEll Cement Formulations
10B-4 - RP Preparation and Testing of Foamed Cement Slurries at Atmospheric Pressure
10B-5 - RP Determination of Shrinkage and Expansion of Well Cement Formulations at Atmospheric Pressure
10B-6 - RP Determining the Static Gel Strength of Cement Formulations
10D - Spec Bow-Spring Centralizers
10D-2 - RP Centralizer Placement and Stop Collar Testing
10F - Spec Performance Testing of Cementing Float Equipment
10G - RP Product Evaluation, Application, and Testing of Stage Cementing Collars
65-1 - RP Cementing Shallow-Water Flow Zones in Deepwater Wells
65-2 - Std Isolating Potential Flow Zones During Well Construction
65-3 - RP Wellbore Plugging and Abandonment
65-4 - RP Managed Pressure Cementing - in development
10TR1 - TR Cement Sheath Evaluation
10TR2 - TR Shrinkage and Expansion in Oilwell Cements
10TR3 - TR Temperatures for API Cement Operating Thickening Time Tests
10TR4 - TR Selection of Centralizers for Primary Cementing Operations
10TR5 - TR Methods for Testing of Solid and Rigid Centralizers
10TR6 - TR Evaluation and Testing of Mechanical Cement Wiper Plugs
10TR7 - TR Mechanical Behavior of Cement
10TR8 - TR Generation and Analysis of Foamed Cements - in development
10TR9 - TR Comparison of Atmospheric vs Pressurized Slurry Conditioning for Cements - in development
10TR10 - TR HTHP Rheology Testing for Cement Slurries - in development

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 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 593713SC10/VG01: Well Cements
5773ClosedResolution Required04/28/202207/07/2022API RP 10B-2, Testing Well Cements, 3rd Edition
Committee ID : 594714SC10/VG02: Casing Equipment
5934ClosedRecirculation10/21/202212/09/2022API RP 10D-2 2nd Edition
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