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 Committee Scope

API SC 10 develops and maintains approximately 13 standards on:

  • well cements,
  • casing centralizers, and
  • cement float equipment.

Click the link on each topic to get a list of the standards and the consensus body in charge of the standard. You can get further details and scopes of the Series 10 standards in the Exploration and Production section of the API Publications catalog.

Task, Voting, and Work Groups under SC 10 are:

TG01 - Publications

TG02 - Cooperative Testing

WG01 - Compressive Strength

WG02 - Testing of Well Cementing Composites

TG03 - Static Gel Strength Measurements

TG04 - Cementing Stage Collars

TG05 - Centralizer Equipment - API Spec 10D

WG04 - Float Equipment as a Well Barrier

TG06 - Well Abandonments

TG07 - Foamed Cement

TG08 - Revision of 10TR1 Cement Evaluation

TG09 - Triaxial Mechanical Properties Testing

TG10 - Testing Well Cements - API RP 10B-2

WG05 - Mixing Procedure for Slurries that Entrain Air

WG07 - HPHT Rheology

WG10 - Comparison of Conditioning Practices for Cements

VG01 - Well Cements

VG02 - Casing Centralizers & Float Equipment

VG03 - Cementing Operations

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