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The Committee on Standardization of Oilfield Equipment and Materials (CSOEM) consists of several subcommittees. Each subcommittee works with a specific ar​ea of exploration and production of oilfield equipment. Below is a list of the subc​​ommittees and the areas they work with. You can access these subcommittee pages using the links at the top of the page.​​​

SC 2 - Offshore​ Structures

SC 16 - Drilling Well Control Equipment and S​upporting Systems 
             for Drilling Intervention Operations

SC 5 - Tubular Goods​​
SC 17- Subsea Production Equipment
SC 6 - Valves & Wellhead Equipment
  SC 18 - Quality Management Systems​​ 
SC 8 - Drilling Structures & Equipment   SC 19 - Completion Equipment
SC 10 - Well Cements   SC 20 - Supply Chain Management
SC 11 - Field Operating Equipment
  SC 21 - Materials​​​​​
SC 13 - Drilling, Completion, & Fracturing Fluids

SC 22 - Offshore Cranes, Lifting and Handling​​​​
SC 15 - Fiberglass & Plastic Tubulars​​

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Ballot Information
NameAPI Standard 1PTC, First Edition
Start Date03/04/2022
Closing Date04/12/2022
AssociateBenjamin Coco
CoordinatorBenjamin Coco
ProposalReview first edition of API Standard 1PTC for approval.
ResultsResolution Required

Ballot Summary
Did Not Vote9 
Total Responses13 
Total Ballots22 
Response Rate59.09%Must be > 50%
Approval Rate92.31%Must be >= 66.67%
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