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 Subcommittee Scope

Welcome to the home page for the CRE Subcommittee on Instruments and Controls (SOICS). This site provides information on upcoming meetings, minutes and presentations from recent meetings and information on the status and balloting of standards maintained by SOICS.

The mission of SOICS is to develop standards and recommended practices specific to the refining industry, analyze technical issues, provide training and advice on relevant technical issues and share information which is useful to the industry as a group. The SOICS also works closely with other standards organizations, such as ISA and PIP. 

 The following documents are under the purview of SOICS:

  • ​​​RP 551 - Process Measurement Instrumentation 
  • RP 552 - Transmission Systems
  • RP 553 - Refinery Valves and Accessories for Control and Safety Instrumented Systems
  • RP 554 Parts 1-3
    • Part 1: Process Control Systems- Control Systems Functions and Function Specification Development
    • Part 2: Process Control Systems- Control System Design
    • Part 3: Process Control Systems- Project Execution and Control System Ownership​
  • ​RP 555 - Process Analyzers
  • RP 556 - Instrumentation, Control, and Protective Systems for Fired Heaters​ (Joint SOICS and SCHTE) 

Chair: Rohan Oak, Bechtel
Vice Chair: Dale Sullivan, Chevron ​


The 2022 Spring API Refining and Equipment Standards Meeting will be held on May 16-20 in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. 

Click on “Calendar of Events" under Links for meeting logistics and other information.​​​​


 API Contact

​Jordan Strickler
Senior Specialist
American Petroleum Institute
200 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20005

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Committee ID : 473481Subcommittee on Instruments & Controls Systems (SOICS)
5933ClosedIn Progress10/18/202211/04/2022Reaffirmation Ballot for API 552 ed. 1, Transmission Systems
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