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Welcome to the home page of the API Subcommittee on Inspection and Mechanical Integrity (SCIMI). The SCIMI develops industry standards that address inspection and mechanical integrity issues related to refining process equipment. Issues of particular interest to the SCIMI include: safe practices in the inspection of and repair of pressure vessels, aboveground storage tanks, and piping; equipment reliability; corrosion mechanisms; and reducing capital and maintenance costs. Each meeting of the subcommittee provides a forum for an information exchange on problems and opportunities where industry experts share experiences from operations around the world.

The SCIMI work program of documents includes:

API 510 - Pressure Vessel Inspection Code
API 570 - Piping Inspection Code
RP 572 - Inspection of Pressure Vessels
RP 573 - Inspection of Fired Heaters and Boilers
RP 574 - Inspection of Piping System Components
RP 575 - Inspection of Aboveground Storage Tanks
RP 576 - Inspection of Pressure-Relieving Devices
RP 577 - Inspection of Welding and Metallurgy
RP 578 - Material Verification Program for New and Existing Alloy Piping Systems
RP 580 - Risk-Based Inspection
RP 581 - Risk-Based Inspection - Base Resource Document
RP 583 - Corrosion Under Insulation
RP 584 - Integrity Operating Windows
RP 585 - Pressure Equipment Failure
RP 586 – NDT Methods for Equipmen​​​​t Damage Mechanisms
Bulletin 587 - Guidance for the Development of Ultrasonic Examiner Qualification Programs
RP 588 - Source Inspection for Fixed Equipment​​

Bulletin 590 – Common Terms & Definitions for SCIMI Documents
RP 592 – Elements of a Fixed Equipment Mechanical Integrity Program
Technical Advisory Group for RP 751, Section 6/Annex G/Annex H

Chair:   Mark Geisenhoff, Flint Hills Resources
Vice-Chair:   Justin Monroe, Chevron

API Contact: Christopher Hughes

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 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 18052135SCIMI RP 581 Task Group
5727ClosedResolution Required03/22/202204/19/2022API RP 581 REDLINE Ballot
5810ClosedResolution Required07/05/202207/19/2022API 581 Table 2.D.3.3
5909ClosedResolution Required09/30/202211/01/2022API RP 581 REDLINE 4-week Ballot
Committee ID : 676811SCIMI Subcommittee
5536ClosedIn Progress07/19/202110/05/2021API RP 582 Welding Guidelines for the Chemical, Oil, and Gas Industries
5578ClosedIn Progress09/09/202110/31/2021API 938 C - FOR COMMENT ONLY
5696ClosedResolution Required03/02/202203/30/2022API 572 Inspection Practices for Pressure Vessels 5th Ed 5th REDLINE Ballot
5727ClosedResolution Required03/22/202204/19/2022API RP 581 REDLINE Ballot
5735ClosedResolution Required03/24/202204/21/2022API 510 section 7.4.2 2nd ballot REDLINE
5736ClosedFail Resolution Required03/28/202204/26/2022API RP 580 4th - 3rd Ballot - REDLINE
5738ClosedIn Progress03/29/202205/03/2022API 653 Metrication
5750ClosedIn Progress03/29/202205/03/2022API 653-1008
5751ClosedIn Progress03/29/202205/03/2022API 653-1011 Nominal Thickness Definition
5714ClosedIn Progress03/11/202205/03/2022API 653-2054_e5 Annex G
5733ClosedResolution Required03/24/202205/09/2022API RP 586 Part 2 Inspection for HTHA - REDLINE Ballot
5848ClosedResolution Required08/30/202209/13/2022REDLINE - RP 572 Inspection Practices for Pressure Vessels 5th Ed (6th Ballot)
5881ClosedResolution Required09/15/202210/13/2022COMMENT ONLY - RP 592 Elements of a Fixed Equipment Mechanical Integrity Program
5883ClosedIn Progress09/19/202210/31/2022653-2054 Annex G: Qualification of Tank Bottom Examination Procedures and Personnel
5873ClosedIn Progress09/13/202210/31/2022API 653-2049 Alternate Inspection Deferrals
5909ClosedResolution Required09/30/202211/01/2022API RP 581 REDLINE 4-week Ballot
5880ClosedResolution Required09/15/202211/03/2022API 570 Piping Inspection Code
5872ClosedIn Progress09/13/202211/03/2022API 653-2024 Review Need for Revision to Annex C Checklist
5874ClosedIn Progress09/13/202211/03/2022API 653-2050 Verbiage change of “completely remove”
5875ClosedIn Progress09/13/202211/03/2022API 653-2051 Allow Limited Extension of Bottom Service Interval After Non-Complying Robotic Inspection Results
5876ClosedIn Progress09/13/202211/03/2022API 653-2053 Extent of Radiography in Shell Inserts and Door Sheets
5877ClosedIn Progress09/13/202211/03/2022API 653-2055 Inspection of Scaffold Cable Support
5871ClosedIn Progress09/13/202211/03/2022API-653-2022 F1
5924ClosedResolution Required10/07/202211/04/2022RP 580 4th Ed - 4th Ballot - REDLINE
5907ClosedIn Progress09/28/202211/08/2022API 653-1008 Corrosion Allowance Definition
5908ClosedIn Progress09/29/202211/08/2022API-653-1011 Nominal Thickness Definition
5960ClosedIn Progress11/30/202202/06/2023API RP 574 5th Ed. Inspection of Piping System Components
5984OpenIn Progress02/01/202303/15/2023API 653-2041 Liquid Penetrant Test (PT) as Substitute for Vacuum Box and Solution Film Testing
5987OpenIn Progress02/01/202303/15/2023API 653-2051 Allow Limited Extension of Bottom Service Interval After Non-Complying Robotic Inspection Results
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