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Welcome to the API Subcommittee on Aboveground Storage Tanks (SCAST) web page. SCAST provides an important service to the refining, marketing, pipeline and petrochemical industry by developing recommended practices and construction, inspection and repair standards for aboveground storage tanks. In addition to the petroleum industry, API's tank standards are also used in the pulp and paper, utilities, food processing, fertilizer, and other process-related industries. SCAST's portfolio of standards includes:

  • Std 620 - Design and Construction of Large, Welded, Low-Pressure Storage Tanks
  • Std 625 - Tank Systems for Refrigerated Liquefied Gas Storage
  • Std 650 - Welded Tanks for Oil Storage
  • RP 651 - Cathodic Protection of Aboveground Storage Tanks
  • RP 652 - Lining of Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tank Bottoms
  • Std 653 - Tank Inspection, Repair, Alteration, and Reconstruction
  • Spec 12B - Specification for Bolted Tanks for Storage of Production Liquids
  • Spec 12D - Specification for Field Welded Tanks for Storage of Production Liquids
  • Spec 12F - Specification for Shop Welded Tanks for Storage of Production Liquids
  • Spec 12P - Specification for Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Tanks
  • RP 12R1 - RP for Setting, Maintenance, Inspection, Operation, and Repair of Tanks in Production Service
  • Std 2015 - Requirements for Safe Entry and Cleaning of Petroleum Storage Tanks
  • RP 2016 - Guidelines and Procedures for Entering and Cleaning Petroleum Storage Tanks
  • Publ 2026 - Safe Access/Egress Involving Floating Roofs of Storage Tanks in Petroleum Service (SCAST document as of 2013)
  • RP 2027 - Ignition Hazards and Safe Work Practices for Abrasive Blasting in Petroleum Service (SCAST document as of 2013)
  • RP 2207 - Preparing Tank Bottoms for Hot Work (SCAST document as of 2013)
  • Std 2510 - Design and Construction of LPG Installations (SCAST document as of 2013)
  • Std 2610 - Design, Construction Operation, Maintenance, and Inspection of Terminal and Tank Facilities

These standards draw from a synergy of a high level of technical expertise and a long history of experience. The tank standards benefit owner/operators by providing the perspective and experience of other companies. Small companies gain expertise that would not be practically available otherwise. All companies benefit from proactively following industry standards developed using API's consensus process.

Chair: Todd McClellan, Colonial Pipeline Company
Vice-Chair: Ingrid Pederson, Enbridge 

Thank you for attending the API 2022 Spring Refining and Equipment Standards Meeting. 

The 2022 Fall Refining and Equipment Standards Meeting is planned for November 14 - 18, 2022 at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans, Louisiana.

Please visit for meeting logistics and other information

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 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 677812SCAST - Subcommittee on Aboveground Storage Tanks
5702ClosedIn Progress03/10/202204/21/2022API 620-2055 - Liner Thickness Rules - rev 0
5740ClosedIn Progress03/29/202205/03/2022API 620-1010 Update Anchor Strap Design Guidance for Cold Storage Tanks
5738ClosedIn Progress03/29/202205/03/2022API 653 Metrication
5750ClosedIn Progress03/29/202205/03/2022API 653-1008
5751ClosedIn Progress03/29/202205/03/2022API 653-1011 Nominal Thickness Definition
5714ClosedIn Progress03/11/202205/03/2022API 653-2054_e5 Annex G
5734ClosedIn Progress03/24/202205/05/2022API 651 4th Edition Final Ballot
5757ClosedIn Progress04/05/202205/10/2022API 650-1097 Outlet Allowance
5758ClosedIn Progress04/05/202205/10/2022API 650-1102 Annex C and H Terminology
5861ClosedIn Progress09/13/202210/25/2022API 620-2059 Sub size impact testing for duplex stainless steels
5862ClosedIn Progress09/13/202210/25/2022API 620-2061 Sidewall-to-Bottom Vacuum Box for Annexes Q and R
5863ClosedIn Progress09/13/202210/25/2022API 620-2062 Reiterate the Spot RT Exemption in
5865ClosedIn Progress09/13/202210/25/2022API 650- 2022-F1
5870ClosedIn Progress09/13/202210/25/2022API 650 2064 Sub size impact testing for duplex stainless steels
5867ClosedIn Progress09/13/202210/25/2022API 650-2059 Clarify Requirements for Welding over Protective Coatings in Section
5868ClosedIn Progress09/13/202210/25/2022API 650-2062 Verbiage change of “completely remove” that matches 653
5869ClosedIn Progress09/13/202210/25/2022API 650-2063 Annex S nozzle weld spacing
5883ClosedIn Progress09/19/202210/31/2022653-2054 Annex G: Qualification of Tank Bottom Examination Procedures and Personnel
5873ClosedIn Progress09/13/202210/31/2022API 653-2049 Alternate Inspection Deferrals
5885ClosedIn Progress09/20/202211/01/2022API 2015 9th Edition Ballot
5866ClosedIn Progress09/13/202211/01/2022API 650-2828 Hydrotest requirements in Annex C&H
5872ClosedIn Progress09/13/202211/03/2022API 653-2024 Review Need for Revision to Annex C Checklist
5874ClosedIn Progress09/13/202211/03/2022API 653-2050 Verbiage change of “completely remove”
5875ClosedIn Progress09/13/202211/03/2022API 653-2051 Allow Limited Extension of Bottom Service Interval After Non-Complying Robotic Inspection Results
5876ClosedIn Progress09/13/202211/03/2022API 653-2053 Extent of Radiography in Shell Inserts and Door Sheets
5877ClosedIn Progress09/13/202211/03/2022API 653-2055 Inspection of Scaffold Cable Support
5871ClosedIn Progress09/13/202211/03/2022API-653-2022 F1
5888ClosedIn Progress09/28/202211/08/2022API 620-1027
5894ClosedIn Progress09/28/202211/08/2022API 650-1090 Steel Pan Updates
5896ClosedIn Progress09/28/202211/08/2022API -650-1112
5897ClosedIn Progress09/28/202211/08/2022API 650-1113 Dynamic Hoop Stress Analysis Point
5907ClosedIn Progress09/28/202211/08/2022API 653-1008 Corrosion Allowance Definition
5895ClosedIn Progress09/28/202211/08/2022API-650-1104 Reconciliation of various pressure terms
5904ClosedIn Progress09/28/202211/08/2022API-650-D146
5908ClosedIn Progress09/29/202211/08/2022API-653-1011 Nominal Thickness Definition
5889ClosedIn Progress09/28/202211/08/2022INQ- 620-D008
5891ClosedIn Progress09/28/202211/08/2022INQ-620-D009
5892ClosedIn Progress09/28/202211/08/2022INQ-620-D010
5898ClosedIn Progress09/28/202211/08/2022INQ-650-D139
5899ClosedIn Progress09/28/202211/08/2022INQ-650-D140
5900ClosedIn Progress09/28/202211/08/2022INQ-650-D141
5901ClosedIn Progress09/28/202211/08/2022INQ-650-D143
5902ClosedIn Progress09/28/202211/08/2022INQ-650-D144
5903ClosedIn Progress09/28/202211/08/2022INQ-650-D145
5905ClosedIn Progress09/28/202211/08/2022INQ-650-D147
5906ClosedIn Progress09/28/202211/08/2022INQ-650-D148
5966ClosedResolution Required12/24/202202/10/2023API 656 Aboveground Storage Tank Operations during Uncontrollable Environmental Events. COMMENT ONLY
5985ClosedIn Progress02/01/202302/12/2023API 650-2028 Hydrotest requirements in Annex C&H
5981ClosedIn Progress01/31/202303/14/2023API 620-2037 Add High Manganese Cryogenic Steel to API 620, Annex Q
5982ClosedIn Progress01/31/202303/14/2023API 620-2048 Liquid Penetrant Test (PT) as Substitute for Vacuum Box and Solution Film Testing
5980ClosedIn Progress01/31/202303/14/2023API 620-2063 Vacuum Testing while Substantially Empty
5983ClosedIn Progress02/01/202303/15/2023API 650-2051 Liquid Penetrant Test (PT) as Substitute for Vacuum Box and Solution Film Testing
5986ClosedIn Progress02/01/202303/15/2023API 650-2056 Plates Welded to Bottoms
5984ClosedIn Progress02/01/202303/15/2023API 653-2041 Liquid Penetrant Test (PT) as Substitute for Vacuum Box and Solution Film Testing
5987ClosedIn Progress02/01/202303/15/2023API 653-2051 Allow Limited Extension of Bottom Service Interval After Non-Complying Robotic Inspection Results
5995ClosedIn Progress02/13/202303/27/2023API 650-2028 Hydrotest requirements in Annex C&H
6000ClosedIn Progress02/21/202304/04/2023API 620-1023 Stress Limits and Seismic Clarifications
6001ClosedIn Progress02/21/202304/04/2023API 620-1025 Rules for Compression-Ring Regions Exceeding 2 Inches Thickness
6003ClosedIn Progress02/21/202304/04/2023API 620-1027 Anchor Embedment Design
6004ClosedIn Progress02/21/202304/04/2023API 620-1029 Correcting References to ASCE 7 for Wind
6005ClosedIn Progress02/21/202304/04/2023API 625-1011 Remove 100V plus 40H Seismic Combination for Base Shear Check
6015ClosedIn Progress02/22/202304/05/2023API 12D e13 Specification for Field-welded Tanks for Storage of Production Liquids- COMMENT ONLY
6006ClosedIn Progress02/22/202304/05/2023API 650-1090 Steel Pan Updates
6007ClosedIn Progress02/22/202304/05/2023API 650-1091 Update Fixed Roof Definitions
6008ClosedIn Progress02/22/202304/05/2023API 650-1094 Annex G Tanks - Wind Girders Designed as Open Roof Tanks
6010ClosedIn Progress02/22/202304/05/2023API 650-1097: API 620 Studded Outlet Allowance
6009ClosedIn Progress02/22/202304/05/2023API 650-1102 Update Annex C and H Terminology to Align with CELE
6011ClosedIn Progress02/22/202304/05/2023API 650-1110 Wind Girder Walkway Open - B.min Clarification
6012ClosedIn Progress02/22/202304/05/2023API 650-1112 Anchor Embedment Design
6013ClosedIn Progress02/22/202304/05/2023API 650-1115 Correcting References to ASCE 7 for Wind
6014ClosedIn Progress02/22/202304/05/2023API 653-1012 Overhaul of Differential Settlement Methods
6035ClosedIn Progress03/23/202305/04/2023API 653-2054 Annex G: Qualification of Tank Bottom Examination Procedures and Personnel
6152OpenIn Progress09/18/202310/17/2023API RP 2027 - 4th Edition
6157OpenIn Progress09/20/202310/20/2023API 620 - Annex R shells over 2.00 inch thick
6158OpenIn Progress09/20/202310/20/2023API 650 - Shell to Bottom Leak Checks by PT
6161OpenIn Progress09/20/202310/20/2023API 653 - Inspection of Painter's Hitch
6159OpenIn Progress09/20/202310/20/2023API 653 - Review Need for Revision to Annex C Checklist
6160OpenIn Progress09/20/202310/20/2023API 653 - Revisions to Annex G on Bottom Exam Procedures and Personnel
6162OpenIn Progress09/20/202310/20/2023API 653 - RT Required Around an Insert Plate
6156OpenIn Progress09/19/202310/20/2023API Std. 625 - Prescriptive Leak Size for Membrane Containment System
6163OpenIn Progress09/20/202310/27/2023[Inquiry] API 650 - Alternative Ultrasonic Computer Based Data Acquisition Technique
6164OpenIn Progress09/20/202310/27/2023[Inquiry] API 653 - Butt Welds in a Lap Patch Plate
6165OpenIn Progress09/20/202310/27/2023[Inquiry] API 653 - Repad Spacing in a Replacement Bottom
6175OpenIn Progress09/26/202310/27/2023Ballot SGD Agenda Item 620-1027 API 620 Anchor Embedment
6176OpenIn Progress09/26/202310/27/2023Ballot SGD Agenda Item 625-1011 Removing 100V Plus 40H from Base Shear
6177OpenIn Progress09/26/202310/27/2023Ballot SGD Agenda Item 625-1012 Moisture Vapor monitoring removal for membrane sweeping and relieving system
6178OpenIn Progress09/26/202310/27/2023Ballot SGD Agenda Item 625-1014 Cool Down Fill Line Exceptions for LOXLIN
6179OpenIn Progress09/26/202310/27/2023Ballot SGD Agenda Item 625-1015 Conditions Causing Vapor Generation
6183OpenIn Progress09/26/202310/27/2023Ballot SGD Agenda Item 650-1097 API 650 versus API 620 Outlet Allowance
6180OpenIn Progress09/26/202310/27/2023Ballot SGD Agenda Item 650-1112 API 650 Anchor Embedment
6182OpenIn Progress09/26/202310/27/2023Ballot SGD Agenda Item 650-1117 Shell Reinforcement Attachment Length
6184OpenIn Progress09/26/202310/27/2023Ballot SGD Agenda Item 653-1014 Guidance for Fitness-for-Service Evaluation of Hydrostatic Test Exemption
Committee ID : 18691571SCAST Refrigerated Tank Task Group (RTTG)
5497ClosedIn Progress06/08/202106/29/2021RTTG Survey on possible API 620 provisions
5539ClosedIn Progress07/21/202108/25/2021API 620-1010 Update Anchor Strap Design Guidance for Cold Storage Tanks Q & R REV-B
5882ClosedIn Progress09/19/202210/03/2022API 620 Vacuum Testing while Substantially Empty- COMMENT ONLY
5911ClosedIn Progress10/03/202210/24/2022API 620-1025 Rules for Compression-Ring Regions Exceeding 2 Inches Thickness FOR COMMENT ONLY
6107ClosedResolution Required07/10/202308/07/2023RTTG 620-1024 Expand Table R-6 for Thicknesses up to 2.5"
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