The Subcommittee on Refractory Materials (SCRM) is a CRE Subcommittee of refractory manufacturers, installation and inspection contractors, original equipment manufacturers, and owner-operator refractory specialists that meet biannually to improve industry standards for the use of refractory lining materials in refining applications.  

The SCRM was previously the Refractories Project Group (RPG) under the CRE and preceding that, ​a task group under the CRE Subcommittee on Corrosion and Materials (SCCM).  The RPG brokeaway from the SCCM because refractories are a unique materials discipline with few similarities to metallurgical technology (the SCCM's forte) or it’s much more advanced standards base. In spite of the long standing industry practice of selecting refractories on physical property claims, API 936 (RP release 1996, STD release 2008) is the first industry standard in the world requiring accountability for applied physical properties in monolithic refractory lining systems.

The following documents are under the purview of SCRM:

  • API Std. 936
  • API Std. 975
  • API Std. 976
  • API Bulletin 977
  • API Bulletin 978
  • API Bulletin 979
  • API TR 980
  • API Std. 982

Chairman:Nick Engelhardt, Valero Energy 

Vice Chair: Stephen Karns, HarbisonWalker International 


The 2022 Fall API Refining and Equipment Standards Meeting will be held on November 14-18 in New Orleans at the Hyatt Regency. 

Click on “Calendar of Events" under Links for registration, meeting logistics, and other information.​​​​


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