The mission of the API Committee on Refinery Equipment (CRE) is to promulgate safe and proven engineering practices for the design, fabrication, installation, inspection, and use of materials and equipment in refineries and related processing facilities. These practices are produced in accordance with the API Procedures for Standards Development and published as API Standards, Specifications and Recommended Practices. the ongoing objectives of the CRE are to:

-Develop equipment standards and recommended practices for the design, construction, operation, maintenance and inspection of petroleum refining equipment. Encourage other standards developing organizations to adopt API documents when such adoptions are in the best interest of the petroleum industry.

-Ensure API membership, participation and support to national and international standards developing organizations having significant impact on the petroleum refining industry.

-Sponsor and administer research projects that result in improved standards and techniques for managing refinery design, construction, operation, maintenance and inspection.

-Monitor codes and standards development activities of other organizations, regulatory agencies, and legislative bodies and identify those that will have significant impact on the petroleum refining industry. Recommend actions to the General Committee on Refining.

-Provide a forum for dissemination of technical information to refiners, vendors and contractors

-Identify technical concerns relating to refinery equipment

-Coordinate with API member companies to adequately staff the CRE subcommittees and achieve API's objectives for balance, consensus and due process.

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