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 Committee Scope

The Subcommittee on Production Measurement and Allocation develops, approves, and maintains standards for production and allocation measurement (under MPMS Chapter 20).

CPMA coordinates standards development with API's Drilling and Production Operations Subcommittee (DPOS), which reports to the Upstream Committee.

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 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 12391649CPMA: Committee on Production Measurement & Allocation
5351ClosedIn Progress12/07/202001/26/2021API MPMS Chapter 20.1, 2nd Ed.
5551ClosedIn Progress07/30/202110/08/2021API MPMS Chapter 20.2 - reaffirmation ballot
5716ClosedIn Progress03/16/202203/30/2022Ballot for SRRR for CPMA BPL Sample Collection Testing
5715ClosedIn Progress03/16/202203/30/2022CPMA Ballot for SRRR for TRXX BPL
5698ClosedIn Progress03/04/202204/15/2022API MPMS Chapter 22.7 CPMA Ballot
5769ClosedIn Progress04/25/202206/09/2022API MPMS Chapter 20.3, 2nd Ed.
5843ClosedFail08/23/202209/30/2022CPMA Ballot for the reaffirmation of API MPMS Chapter 20.5, 1st ed
5849ClosedIn Progress08/30/202210/05/2022CPMA Ballot for the reaffirmation of API RP 87 1st ed
5997ClosedResolution Required02/14/202303/02/2023COMMENT ONLY Ballot for CPMA Technical Report Wet Gas Sampling, first edition draft
5969ClosedIn Progress01/12/202303/02/2023REAFFIRMATION of API MPMS Ch. 20.5 - Recommended Practice for Application of Production Well Testing in Measurement and Allocation
6149ClosedIn Progress09/12/202310/20/2023CPMA Ballot for API Wet Gas Sampling Technical Report, First Edition
6204ClosedIn Progress10/19/202311/09/2023Ballot for approval to develop a new CPMA standard: Full range online water fraction devices for production measurement
6205ClosedIn Progress10/19/202311/09/2023CPMA ballot for the approval of an Ad-Hoc work group to develop a white paper document: Title: Use of measurement technologies for GHG emission reduction & reporting in upstream production
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