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 Committee Scope

The Subcommittee on Measurement Quality (COMQ) is a joint committee with ASTM International (ASTM) through ASTM Committee D02. However, not all standards developed by the committee are joint API-ASTM standards.

COMQ develops, approves, and maintains standards pertaining to measurement quality of hydrocarbons (sometimes in conjunction with other COPM Subcommittees) including:

  • Temperature Determination, MPMS Chapter 7
  • Sampling, MPMS Chapter 8
  • Density Determination, MPMS Chapter 9
  • Sediment & Water Determination, MPMS Chapter 10
  • Physical Properties, MPMS Chapter 11
  • Statistics, MPMS Chapter 13  

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 Forms & Reference Documents
 COPM Links
 Chapter 11 Information
COMQ-D02 02 Minutes 10-13 - Final.pdfCOMQ-D02 02 Minutes 10-13 -
COMQ Agenda Main  - Fall 2013.pdfCOMQ Agenda Main - Fall


 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 297274COMQ: Committee on Measurement Quality
5017ClosedIn Progress01/30/202003/12/2020Ballot for the reaffirmaton of API MPMS Chapter 11.5.2, 1st ed., March 2009
5018ClosedIn Progress01/30/202003/12/2020Ballot for the Reafirmaton of API MPMS Chapter 11.5.3, 1st ed., March 2009
5016ClosedIn Progress01/30/202003/12/2020Reaffirmation Ballot for API MPMS Chapter 11.5.1, 1st ed., March 2009
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