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 Committee Scope

The Subcommittee on Measurement Accountability (COMA) develops, approves, and maintains standards for Marine Measurement, MPMS, Chapter 17, as well as for measurement accountability and loss control of petroleum and petroleum products involving all modes of transportation.

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 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 2941050COMA: Committee on Measurement Accountability
5263ClosedIn Progress08/31/202010/09/2020Ballot for API MPMS Chapter 17.10.1, 2nd ed. Modified adoption of ISO 10976-2015
5814ClosedResolution Required07/20/202208/31/2022API MPMS Ch. 17.12 - EI HM 51 Procedures for Bulk Liquid Chemical Cargo Inspections
5854ClosedResolution Required09/01/202210/14/2022API MPMS Ch. 17.11 - EI HM 52 Measurement and Sampling of Cargoes Using Closed/Restricted Equipment
6134OpenIn Progress08/23/202310/04/2023API MPMS Ch 17.10.2 Measurement of Cargoes On Board Marine Gas Carriers
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