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 Committee Scope

The Committee on Gas Fluids Measurement (COGFM) develops, approves, and maintains standards for the measurement of natural gas fluids, including:

  • Natural Gas Fluids Measurement, MPMS Chapter 14
  • Flow Measurement — Electronic Gas Measurement, MPMS Chapter 21.1
  • Testing Protocols, MPMS Chapter 22 (Joint with COLM)

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COGFM also maintains joint standards with the American Gas Association (AGA) and the Gas Processors Association (GPA).

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 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 295320COGFM: Committee on Gas Fluids Measurement
5490ClosedIn Progress06/04/202107/16/2021API MPMS Chapter 14.13, 1st Ed., 2nd ballot
5586ClosedResolution Required09/13/202110/15/2021Addendum to API MPMS Ch 22.4 - Testing Protocol for Pressure, Differential Pressure, and Temperature Measuring Devices
5610ClosedPass09/29/202111/10/2021Addendum to 22.1 General Guidelines for Developing Testing Protocols for Devices Used in the Measurement of Hydrocarbon Fluids
5666ClosedPass12/21/202102/04/2022Reaffirmation of API MPMS Chapter 22.2 Testing Protocol – Differential Pressure Devices
5667ClosedPass12/22/202102/14/2022Reaffirmation of API MPMS Chapter 14.12 - Natural Gas Fluid Measurement - Measurement of Gas by Vortex Meters
5676ClosedPass01/11/202202/22/2022Reaffirmation of API MPMS Chapter 14.3.1, 4th ed. - Orifice Metering of Natural Gas and Other Related Hydrocarbon Fluids-Concentric, Square-edged Orifice Meters Part 1: General Equations and Uncertainty Guidelines (R2017)
5729ClosedIn Progress03/23/202205/04/2022Reaffirmation of MPMS Chapter 14.4-Natural Gas Fluids Measurement-Converting Mass of Natural Gas Liquids and Vapors to Equivalent Liquid Volumes
5936ClosedIn Progress10/25/202211/22/2022API MPMS Ch. 22.4 - Testing Protocol for Pressure, Differential Pressure, and Temperature Measurement Devices
5937ClosedIn Progress10/25/202211/22/2022API MPMS Ch. 22.5 - Testing Protocol for Flow Computers Calculations
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