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 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 23792159Facility Siting
5215ClosedPass07/21/202007/23/2020Corrected attachment to Ballots 5211, 5212, 5213
5211ClosedPass07/21/202008/04/2020Reaffirmation of RP 752, 3rd Ed.
5212ClosedPass07/21/202008/04/2020Reaffirmation of RP 753, 1st Ed.
5213ClosedPass07/21/202008/04/2020Reaffirmation of RP 756, 1st Ed.
5823ClosedResolution Required07/27/202208/17/2022Comment Submission for RP 752
5824ClosedIn Progress07/27/202208/17/2022Comment Submission for RP 753
5825ClosedIn Progress07/27/202208/17/2022Comment Submission for RP 756
5927ClosedResolution Required10/11/202210/24/2022For Comment Only Ballot for RP 752
5928ClosedIn Progress10/11/202210/24/2022For Comment Only Ballot for RP 753
5929ClosedIn Progress10/11/202210/24/2022For Comment Only Ballot For RP 756
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