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The API Corporate Policy staff coordinates the API's Finance and Accounting Committees, Electronic Business & Information Management and Technology Committees, and IT Security Committees and related subsequent programs.  These committees are comprised of Member Company representatives who work on a variety of issues related to accounting, risk control, internal audit, information technology, electronic commerce, telecommunications, data privacy, and cyber and IT infrastructure security.  The programs include the development of industry positions for federal advocacy, documentation of best practices and industry standards, and general sharing of information. 

API's Electronic Business & Information Management and Technology Committees support a wide range of activities in the areas of electronic business, telecommunications, information technology security, data privacy, and information technology applications for the oil and natural gas industry. They support advocacy efforts and standards development in these areas and serve as conduits between industry technologists and operations personnel. Committees in this area include:

Information Management and Technology Committee (IMTC)
The IMTC serves as a forum for the oil and natural gas industry to address issues in systems technology, including computers, communications, and electronic commerce. Key issues that the IMTC addresses include network security, critical infrastructure protection, information privacy, technological change, and knowledge management. The IMTC periodically conducts various studies and projects designed to investigate technological innovations, undertake benchmarking studies of interest to the industry, or establish inter or intra-industry groups to promote developments of interest. 

The IMTC oversees the activities of the following sub-groups.


  • Data Privacy Council (DPC)
    The API DPC mission is to proactively address data privacy issues that are of common interest. 

  • Information Technology Security Forum (ITSS)
    IT Security is an increasingly important consideration in the protection of the nation's critical infrastructure. IT systems and applications – whether operating an E-commerce web application or operating a mission-critical system for companies' business models - need to be adequately protected. The API ITSS provides an opportunity to work together more proactively to address areas of common interest to the petroleum industry and to demonstrate that the industry is taking prudent steps to protect our IT infrastructure.

  • Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX)
    PIDX is the API's committee on Electronic Business. For over fourteen years, oil companies, their customers, suppliers, and other business partners have collaborated on scores of projects. These projects have re-engineered entire business processes and operations for greater efficiency and profitability through the implementation of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and emerging Electronic Business technologies such as the Internet and eXtensible Markup Language (XML).

  • Telecommunications Committee
    The API Telecommunications Committee serves as a forum for the oil, gas, and energy industry to address telecommunications matters impacting existing or proposed operations. The Committee addresses communications management issues and fosters quality enterprise communications services by developing and implementing telecommunications policies and strategies. The Committee also monitors regulatory and legislative matters, interceding when necessary to satisfy the needs and concerns of the energy industry.

  • General Committee on Finance
    The Finance and Accounting Program of the API, sponsored by the General Committee on Finance (GCF), is composed of oil industry chief financial officers and focuses on issues related to accounting, internal audit, insurance, and risk management. These issues are both external -- formulating industry responses to government, regulatory, and legislative initiatives, and internal -- examining alternative means of handling problems that arise in the oil and natural gas finance areas as a result of changes in the general business and petroleum environment. In addition, the General Committee serves as a source of expertise to the API Board of Directors on financial matters pertinent to the industry and to the management of the Institute on internal financial matters.
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