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  • If this is your first time on the site:
    • Go to the "forgot your password" screen.  Enter your username (the full e-mail address that API has on file for you).  This will generate a new password for you which will be e-mailed to you automatically.  Once you receive it, you may proceed with logging into the site. Please follow the link on below and change your password upon first login.

  • If you have already logged into the site:
    • At the top right of the screen, you should see "Welcome [your e-mail address]".  If you see "Sign In" at the top right instead, you are not signed into the site.

      After logging in, to get to the desired site, you may have to click on the plus sign next to a link in the left navigation area to expand the list of available sites

  • If you need access to a Committee site and do not have it:
    • Please contact the API liason to your committee to resolve any issues with committee site access.​


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For security reasons, API recommends you change the temporary password that you are assigned on your first visit immediately. We also encourage you to periodically change all of your online passwords for your own protection. To do so, click on the link below:

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