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Drilling and Production Operations Subcommittee

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Roland Goodman
Manager, Upstream Standards
p: 202-682-8571

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 Committee Scope

The Drilling and Production Operations Subcommittee (DPOS) conducts advocacy and promotes sound practices on drilling and production operational matters.  In this role, the DPOS acts on existing and emerging issues, and develops recommended practices and guidelines. Also, it serves as a forum for coordination with government agencies and other domestic and international industry groups to facilitate communications on operational, safety, and training issues that may impact exploration and production activities.

 Shared Documents

API Procedures for Standards Development-2019.pdfAPI Procedures for Standards
DPOS Standards Action List - Apr 2019.pdfDPOS Standards Action List - Apr
API Document Formatting and Style Manual 11-21-2017.pdfAPI Document Formatting and Style Manual


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Ballot Information

NameRP 14J, 2nd Ed. Reaffirmation - Design and Hazards Analysis for Offshore Production Facilities
Start Date4/21/2019 12:00:00 AM
Closing Date5/24/2019 12:00:00 AM
AssociateRoland Goodman
CoordinatorRoland Goodman
ProposalReaffirm the 2nd edition of API RP 14J, Design and Hazards Analysis for Offshore Production Facilities
Comments ResolutionPass

Ballot Summary
Did Not Vote10 
Total Responses11 
Total Ballots21 
Response Rate52.38%Must be > 50%
Approval Rate100.00%Must be > 67%
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