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 Committee Scope

Welcome to the home page for the API Pipeline Standards Committee Activities.

The Scope of this website is to provide necessary information to standards developing committees for Pipeline. This site offers information on upcoming and past meetings, drafts, ballots, and provides information on the status of standards in development. The relevant standards committees and links to the individual sites are listed on the left. If you are listed as a member of a particular committee, you will have access to that committee website.

RP 1162 Published and Available for Purchase!
CLICK HERE for a NON-PRINTABLE PDF version of the published document. Hard copies and printable PDF's can be purchased at or by calling 1-800-854-7179. See below for more information regarding the development of RP 1162.

If you have questions about pipeline documents, contact Ed Baniak.

For a free copy of "Petroleum Pipelines in Your Community" please click here.

If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ed Baniak.


 Reference Materials

SRRR Form - Pipeline Standards Rev 7-25-14.docSRRR Form - Pipeline Standards Rev


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 Meeting Materials

SRRR Form - Pipeline Standards Rev 7-25-14.docSRRR Form - Pipeline Standards Rev

 Committee Documents

Folder: API 1164 3rd EditionAPI 1164 3rd
Folder: Ballot 1900Ballot
Folder: Ballot 1897Ballot
Organization and Procedures for the Committee on Pipeline Standards.pdfOrganization and Procedures for the Committee on Pipeline

 Open Ballots

 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 45OQWG - Operator Qualification Work Group
2611ClosedPass03/09/201204/20/2012Task Standards: Series 19, 20
2612ClosedPass03/09/201204/20/2012Task Standards: Series 21
2639ClosedPass04/03/201204/27/2012TPCP Supplemental Criteria
2626ClosedPass03/26/201205/07/2012TS 63.2 and 63.3
2694ClosedPass06/25/201208/06/2012Task Standards Series 2-Test Leads
2695ClosedPass06/25/201208/06/2012Task Standards Series 7-Surface Prep and Coatings
2699ClosedPass06/26/201208/07/2012Task Standards-Valves (19 Series)
2846ClosedPass01/04/201302/15/20131161 Task Standards 25-30-31
2853ClosedPass01/17/201302/27/2013TPCP Supplemental - Rev. 3
2942ClosedPass04/02/201305/14/2013Task Standards, 44-Series
2947ClosedBallot Cancelled04/09/201306/17/2013TPCP Supplemental Criteria
2977ClosedPass06/20/201307/14/2013Tasks 22-23-24
2986ClosedPass07/01/201307/19/2013Task 40.5
2975ClosedPass06/19/201307/19/2013Tasks 7.4 and 9.6
3130ClosedPass11/11/201312/06/2013OQWG - 3rd Party Checklist
3263ClosedComment Only06/13/201407/25/20141161 - Addendum 1
3347ClosedComment Only09/08/201410/10/20141161 - 3rd Party Evaluations
3405Closed12/16/201402/05/20153rd Party Testing
3578Closed05/04/201506/11/20151161 - T&E Comment Only
4261ClosedIn Progress09/18/201710/16/2017RP 1161, 4th Edition - Gas Tasks
4262ClosedIn Progress09/18/201710/16/2017RP 1161, 4th Edition - Revised Covered Tasks
4266ClosedIn Progress09/20/201710/18/2017RP 1161, 4th Edition - Underwater Tasks
Committee ID : 1793OTG-Voting Group
3643ClosedResolution Required08/13/201509/24/2015API RP 505, Classification of Locations for Electrical Installations at Petroleum Facilities
3715ClosedPass10/16/201511/30/20151167, 2nd Edition
3743ClosedPass12/09/201502/03/2016Re-ballot API 1176, 1st Edition
3914ClosedResolution Required08/02/201608/29/2016API RP 505, Classification of Locations for Electrical Installations at Petroleum Facilities
4305OpenIn Progress11/20/201712/18/2017API RP 1102, 7th Ed. - Reaffirmation
4307OpenIn Progress11/28/201701/09/2018API RP 1160-Managing System Integrity for Hazardous Liquid Pipelines, 3rd Ed.
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