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 API Marketing Standards

Welcome to the API Marketing Standards SharePoint site.

Marketing defined is the wholesale and retail distribution, including tanker truck transportation, of refined petroleum products such as gasoline and diesel fuel to business, industry, government and public consumers.

The Marketing Standards and Recommended Practices that API maintains include the following:

- RP 1004, Bottom Loading and Vapor Recovery for MC-306 & DOT-406 Tank Motor Vehicles

- RP 1007, Loading and Unloading of MC-306/DOT 406 Cargo Tank Motor Vehicles

- RP 1112, Developing a Highway Emergency Response Plan for Incidents Involving Hazardous Materials

- RP 1543, Documentation, Monitoring and Laboratory Testing of Aviation Fuel During Shipment From Refinery to Airport

Pub 1593, Gasoline Marketing in the United States Today

- RP 1595,Design, Construction, Operation, Maintenance, and Inspection of Aviation Pre-Airfield Storage Terminals

- RP 1604, Closure of Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks

- RP 1615, Installation of Underground Petroleum Storage Systems

- RP 1621, Bulk Liquid Control at Retail Outlets

- RP 1626, Storing and Handling Ethanol and Gasoline-ethanol Blends at Distribution Terminals and Filling Stations

- RP 1631, Interior Lining and Periodic Inspection of Underground Storage Tanks

- RP 1632, Cathodic Protection of Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks and Piping Systems (Document conveyed to NACE. API Will no longer revise.

- RP 1637, Using the API Color-Symbol System to Mark Equipment and Vehicles for Product Identification at Gasoline Dispensing Facilities and Distribution Terminals

- RP 1639, Owner/Operators Guide to Operation and Maintenance of Vapor Recovery Systems at Gasoline Dispensing Facilities

- RP 1640, Light Product Quality Terminal Operations (New document)

- Pub 1642, Alcohol, Ethers and Gasoline-Alcohol and Gasoline-Ether Blends

- Pub 1645, Stage II Vapor Recovery System Operations & System Installation Costs

- Pub 1646, Safe Work Practices for Contractors Working at Retail Petroleum/Convenience Facilities

Pub 1673, Compilation of Air Emission for Petroleum Distribution Dispensing Facilities


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 Reference Documents

API Procedures for Standards Development-2019.pdfAPI Procedures for Standards


 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 2179Marketing RP 1640, Light Product Quality Task Group
4994OpenIn Progress12/10/201901/20/2020FOR COMMENT ONLY RP 1640 Product Quality in Light Product
Committee ID : 1822Marketing Subcommittee Distribution List
4994OpenIn Progress12/10/201901/20/2020FOR COMMENT ONLY RP 1640 Product Quality in Light Product
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