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SC8-Subcommittee on Drilling Structures & Equipment

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Katie Burkle
p: 202.682.8507


There are currently no upcoming events.

 Committee Scope

API SC8 develops and maintains approximately 11 standards on:

  • drilling structures - Spec 4F and RP 4G;
  • drilling equipment - Spec 7K and RP 7L;
  • hoisting equipment - RP 8B and Spec 8C;
  • wire rope and roller chain - Spec 9A, RP 9B, and Spec 7F;
  • hammer unions - RP 7HU1 and Spec 7HU2.

You can get further details and scopes of these standards in the Exploration and Production section of the API Publications catalog at


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 Open Ballots

 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 532SC08/TG01: Drilling Structures
3289ClosedPass07/28/201409/08/2014API 4F - Item 4102 (Definition of Substructure)
3287ClosedResolution Required07/28/201409/08/2014API 4G - Item 3101 (Inspection of Offshore Drilling Rigs)
3288ClosedResolution Required07/28/201409/08/2014API 4G - Item 4101 (Changes in Rig Location)
3704ClosedResolution Required09/29/201511/10/2015API 4F - Item 5101 (Tubular Steel Spec)
Committee ID : 1112SC08/TG03: Hoisting Equipment
2701ClosedPass07/02/201208/03/2012Spec 8C, Item 1302 - Top Drive
3013ClosedPass07/29/201309/09/2013API 8B & 8C, Item 2302 - Wear Limits for Elevator Bores
3058ClosedPass08/27/201309/17/2013Third Reballot of API 8C, Item 0305 - Hydraulic Cylinders
3104ClosedResolution Required10/01/201311/12/2013API 8C, Revisions to Section 9.9.3
3454ClosedResolution Required02/11/201503/25/2015API 8C - Item 0301: Purchasing Guidelines
3526ClosedResolution Required03/11/201504/22/2015API 8C - Item 4303: Revisions to Section 8.6.1 (proof load testing)
3737ClosedOn Hold11/23/201501/11/2016API 8C - Item 5305 (Manufacturing Process Controls)
3843ClosedResolution Required04/01/201605/13/2016API 8C - Item 3302 (Pin Connection Ratings and Marking)
3844ClosedResolution Required04/01/201605/13/2016API 8C - Item 4304 (Prototype Testing of Washpipes with Mechanical Seals)
3845ClosedResolution Required04/01/201605/13/2016API 8C - Item 5303 (Alignment of API 8C Scope with API 7K Scope)
3870ClosedResolution Required05/03/201606/14/2016API 8B/API 8C - Item 4301 (Sheave Rim Groove)
3965ClosedIn Progress09/15/201610/20/2016API 8C - Item 5306 (Impact Properties of Elevator Slips)
4070ClosedResolution Required02/16/201703/30/2017API 8C - Item 3301 (Nominal Equivalent Stress)
Committee ID : 1113SC08/TG04: Wire Rope & Roller Chain
3828ClosedPass03/10/201604/14/2016Reaffirmation of API 7F, 8th Edition
3829ClosedPass03/10/201604/14/2016Reaffirmation of API 9A, 26th Edition
3966ClosedIn Progress09/15/201610/20/2016API 9A - Item 6402 (Revised Marking Requirements)
Committee ID : 1331SC08/TG05: Hammer Unions
3188ClosedPass02/27/201404/10/2014Reaffirmation of API 7HU1, 1st Edition
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