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SC6-Subcommittee on Valves & Wellhead Equipment

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Ed Baniak
p: 202.682.8135


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 Committee Scope

API SC6 develops and maintains approximately 20 standards on:

Click the link on each topic to get a list of the standards and the consensus body in charge of the standard. You can get further details and scopes of the Series 6, Series 11, and Series 14 standards in the Exploration and production section of the API Publications catalog.




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 Commitee Documents

Annex A Photomicrographs.pdfAnnex A
6A718 draft September 2013 without Annex.pdf6A718 draft September 2013 without
6A718 draft April 2013.pdf6A718 draft April
SC6 Org Chart November 2011.pptmSC6 Org Chart November
SC6 Standards Matrix.xlsSC6 Standards
Final Report_LR1101084_Rev0s_4-19.pdfFinal
SC06 V06B Standards.docSC06 V06B
SC06 V06A Standards.docSC06 V06A

 10423 Activities


 Open Ballots

 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 570SC06/V06A: Wellhead & Christmas Tree Equipment
2624ClosedPass03/22/201205/02/20126A Welding Changes
2625ClosedPass03/22/201205/02/2012Withdrawal of 11IW
2693ClosedPass06/22/201208/03/2012API 6AF2, 5th Edition
2696ClosedPass06/25/201208/06/2012Spec 6A-Welding Changes
2713ClosedPass07/26/201209/06/20126A Changes-Materials
2715ClosedPass07/30/201209/10/201214H 6th Edition
2785ClosedPass10/05/201211/16/20126AV1; 2nd Edition
2855ClosedPass01/28/201303/11/2013Re-ballot - RP 6HT, 2nd Edition
2927ClosedPass03/19/201304/30/2013API 6X, 1st Edition
2963ClosedPass05/23/201307/09/2013Re-ballot API 14H, 6th Ed
2983ClosedPass06/28/201308/09/2013API 6X, Re-ballot
3028ClosedPass08/16/201309/27/2013Recirculation of API 14H (6AV2), 6th Edition
3132ClosedPass11/21/201312/20/2013Final Recirculation - 6AV2 (14H), 6th Edition
3134ClosedPass11/27/201301/07/20146X Re-ballot
3174ClosedPass02/18/201404/02/2014Withdrawal of 6FC
3254ClosedPass05/27/201407/08/20146A718, 3rd Edition
3397ClosedPass11/25/201401/06/20156A718, 3rd Edition Re-ballot
4006ClosedPass11/01/201612/13/20166ACRA Addendum1
4084ClosedPass02/24/201704/06/20176A 21st Edition
4130ClosedPass05/12/201706/23/20176ACRA Add 1 Reballot
4283ClosedPass10/02/201711/14/20176MET, 2nd Ed
4291ClosedPass10/12/201711/22/20176A 21st Ed Re-ballot
4313ClosedPass12/06/201701/03/2018API Spec 6A, 20th Edition Reaffirmation
4336ClosedPass01/18/201803/01/20186AV1 3rd Edition
4452ClosedPass04/13/201805/10/20186AV1 3rd Reballot
4464ClosedIn Progress05/03/201806/11/20186A 21st Final Approval
4471OpenIn Progress05/08/201806/19/20186ACRA Addendum 2
4478OpenIn Progress05/11/201806/22/20186AR 2nd Edition
Committee ID : 571SC06/V06D: Pipeline, Valves & Connectors
2663ClosedPass05/07/201206/18/2012New-Pipeline Valve Actuators
2678ClosedPass05/31/201206/21/2012Spec 6D, Section 11.2
3079ClosedPass09/11/201310/23/2013API 6FD, 1st Edition Reaffirmation
3167ClosedPass01/29/201403/12/2014Spec 6D, 24th Edition
3174ClosedPass02/18/201404/02/2014Withdrawal of 6FC
3264ClosedPass06/17/201407/08/2014Spec 6D, Annex H Change
3407ClosedPass12/19/201402/13/2015Addendum to Spec 6D, 24th Edition
3784ClosedPass02/09/201603/22/2016Spec 6D - Addendum 2
3918ClosedPass08/04/201609/16/20166DSS, 3rd Edition
4005ClosedPass11/01/201611/30/20166DSS 3rd Ed Reballot
4208ClosedPass07/23/201709/12/20176FA 4th Edition
4337ClosedPass01/18/201803/01/20186FA, 4th Edition Re-ballot
4496OpenIn Progress06/11/201807/23/20186DSSX 1st Edition
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