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SC5-Subcommittee on Tubular Goods

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 Committee Scope

API SC5 develops and maintains approximately 30 standards on:

Click the link on each topic to get a list of the standards and the consensus body in charge of the standard. You can get further details and scopes of the Series 5 and Series 7 standards in the Exploration and production section of the API Publications catalog.



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 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 567SC05/TG01: Task Group on OCTG Casing & Tubing
1971ClosedAwaiting Publication03/05/201004/15/2010SC 5 WI 2350 Mass Density Values - Changes to 5C3 for 5CT
2670ClosedResolution Required05/16/201206/07/2012WI 2351 - 5C3 Elevated Temp effect on Perf Prop
2671ClosedResolution Required05/16/201206/07/2012WI 2368 - 5CT changes for N80 Type 1 (N80 Normalized)
2833ClosedAwaiting Publication11/15/201212/20/2012SC5 WI 2369 Special end-finish clarification - for 5CT
3033ClosedAwaiting Publication08/16/201309/27/2013WI - 2377 Make Test Certificates Mandatory, Eliminate Annex A.9 SR15
3031ClosedResolution Required08/16/201309/27/2013WI 2284 API 5CRA Warning Statement Improvement
3032ClosedAwaiting Publication08/16/201309/27/2013WI 2373 - Remove 'Groups' from 5CT
3240ClosedAwaiting Publication04/23/201405/21/2014WI 2379, Add Triangle Stamp Marking Method 5 to 5CT
3285ClosedResolution Required07/23/201408/20/2014Length Table Clarifications for 5CT (WI 2354)
3286ClosedResolution Required07/23/201408/20/2014Polymer Quench for 5CT (WI 2392)
3325ClosedResolution Required08/20/201409/17/2014Hardness Clean-up for Spec 5CT (WI 2394)
3324ClosedResolution Required08/20/201409/17/2014Revise Annex I for Spec 5CT (WI 2384)
3615ClosedIn Progress07/10/201508/21/2015Coupling OD (WI 3076)
3614ClosedIn Progress07/10/201508/21/2015DSAW Casing (WI 1063)
3616ClosedAwaiting Publication07/15/201508/26/2015WI 2348 Ballot - Conversion Units (5CT Annex G) on K1ssc
3702ClosedIn Progress09/25/201511/06/2015Reduced Couplings for 5CT (WI 2396)
3746ClosedIn Progress12/15/201501/12/2016Expandable Tubulars (5EX; WI2332), First Edition, Ballot2
3860ClosedIn Progress04/21/201605/19/2016WI's 2384 & 2391 for 5CT Annex I
3877ClosedIn Progress05/23/201606/20/2016API 5CT, Annex H, WI 2399
3960ClosedIn Progress09/09/201610/21/2016API Bul 5T1, 11th Edition
4004ClosedIn Progress11/01/201611/29/2016API WI 2388 - API Connections with Non-standard Casing Walls (Comment-only Circulation)
4059ClosedIn Progress02/03/201703/03/2017WI 2284, Spec 5CRA Clean-up
4061ClosedIn Progress02/03/201703/03/2017WI 2410, Spec 5CT Refresh for Updates by NACE TM0177 & TM0284
4187OpenIn Progress07/14/201708/18/2017WI 1069 (5CRA), NDE Personnel Certification
4188OpenIn Progress07/14/201708/18/2017WI 1069 (5CT), NDE Personnel Certification
4189OpenIn Progress07/14/201708/18/2017WI 2351 (5C3), Elevated Temperature Yield Strength
4190OpenIn Progress07/14/201708/18/2017WI 2372 (5CT), Elimination of Grade M65
4204OpenIn Progress07/21/201708/18/2017WI 2387 (5CT), Recalcuate Weight Gain-Loss
4191OpenIn Progress07/14/201708/18/2017WI 2388 (5CT), Connections with NonStandard Casing Walls
4192OpenIn Progress07/14/201708/18/2017WI 2393 (5CT), UT on Smaller Size (Macaroni) Tubing
4193OpenIn Progress07/14/201708/18/2017WI 2403 (5C6), Simulated Post Weld Heat Treatment
4194OpenIn Progress07/14/201708/18/2017WI 2414 (5CT), Oblique Angle Requirement
4195OpenIn Progress07/14/201708/18/2017WI 2417 (5CT), Clarify NACE Testing Methods
Committee ID : 504SC05/TG02: Task Group on Line Pipe
3208ClosedAwaiting Publication03/04/201404/15/2014HFW Hardness Test Indentation Location, Annexes H & J in 5L (WI 4233)
3210ClosedResolution Required03/07/201404/18/2014WI 4229 for End Squareness in 5L
3960ClosedIn Progress09/09/201610/21/2016API Bul 5T1, 11th Edition
4012ClosedIn Progress11/15/201612/13/2016Strain-Based Design Annex for Spec 5L (WI 4237; Ballot 2)
4106ClosedIn Progress03/24/201705/05/2017RP 5L3 5th Edition Proposed Draft (WI 4228)
4127ClosedIn Progress05/10/201706/07/2017HTP Chemistry Changes (WI 4240)
4206OpenIn Progress07/21/201708/18/2017WI 4226 (5L), Mill Jointer Requirements
Committee ID : 554SC05/TG04: Task Group on Threading, Gauging, & Compounds
3748ClosedIn Progress12/17/201501/14/2016Spec 5B, 16th Edition, Reballot
3860ClosedIn Progress04/21/201605/19/2016WI's 2384 & 2391 for 5CT Annex I
3960ClosedIn Progress09/09/201610/21/2016API Bul 5T1, 11th Edition
4004ClosedIn Progress11/01/201611/29/2016API WI 2388 - API Connections with Non-standard Casing Walls (Comment-only Circulation)
4205OpenIn Progress07/21/201708/18/2017WI 2388 (5B), Connections with Non-standard Casing Walls
Committee ID : 569SC05/V05B: Pipe Threads
2188ClosedItem Complete10/15/201011/29/2010WI 2362, Proposed 5B Table Changes
2296ClosedIn Progress03/10/201104/21/2011WI 2329, Coupling Thickness
2479ClosedResolution Required10/19/201111/18/2011WI 3068, Buttress Gauge Taper Measurement
2655ClosedIn Progress04/24/201206/01/2012WI 3069, 5B Table and Figure Corrections Ballot
2718ClosedAwaiting Publication08/03/201209/14/2012WI 3072 - 5B1 Gauge Standoff Values
Committee ID : 568SC05/V05L: Line Pipe
3025ClosedAwaiting Publication08/15/201309/26/2013Reballot - 5L Annex A, Mill jointer Requirements (WI 4226)
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