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SC20-Subcommittee on Supply Chain Management

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 API Contact

Katie Burkle
Phone: 202-682-8507

 Committee Scope

SC 20 develops and maintains standards on supply chain management for critical materials and processes used in oil and natural gas exploration and production.  These standards include:

  • castings, Spec 20A;
  • open die forgings, Spec 20B;
  • closed die forgings, Spec 20C;
  • non-destructive examination, Std 20D;
  • alloy and carbon steel bolting, Spec 20E;
  • corrosion-resistant bolting, Spec 20F;
  • welding services, Std 20G;
  • heat treating services, Std 20H;
  • distributors, Std 20J;
  • non-metallic seals, Std 20L;
  • machining services, Std 20M;
  • continuous furnace heat treating services, Std 20N;
  • plating and coating, Std 20P;
  • subsurface electronics, Std 20R;
  • additive manufacturing, Std 20S.

To check on the status of a document that is currently in the process of being drafted or revised, please visit the API Standards Plan.   When published, you can find further details and scopes of the Series 20 standards in the Exploration and Production section of the API Publications catalog. Please contact Katie Burkle ( for any additional questions.


 Informational Presentations

API 20H.pdfAPI
API 20J.pdfAPI
API 20M.pdfAPI
SC20 Overview.pdfSC20
API 20D.pdfAPI


  Reference Documents
  Forms (SR3 & Attendance Sheets)
  SC20 Meeting Minutes (Login Required)

 Open Ballots

 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 1403SC20/V20B: Spec 20B Task Group, Open-die Forgings
4570ClosedResolution Required08/27/201809/26/2018API 20B, 2nd Edition
Committee ID : 1535SC20/V20D: Spec 20D Task Group, NDE
4693ClosedIn Progress12/19/201802/06/2019API 20D, 2nd Edition
Committee ID : 1519SC20/V20E: Spec 20E/20F Task Group, Bolting
4444ClosedIn Progress04/06/201805/18/2018API 20E, 2nd Edition, Addendum 2 - Comment Only
4611ClosedIn Progress09/26/201810/24/2018Reballot of API 20E, 2nd Edition, Addendum on ISO 17020
Committee ID : 2048SC20/V20G: Std 20G Task Group, Welding
4688ClosedIn Progress12/13/201801/31/2019API 20G, 1st Edition
Committee ID : 2059SC20/V20N: Spec 20N Task Group, Heat Treatment - Continuous
4606ClosedResolution Required09/24/201810/31/2018API 20N, 1st Edition
4740ClosedIn Progress02/07/201903/14/2019Reballot of API 20N, 1st Edition
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