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SC2-Subcommittee on Offshore Structures

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 API Contact

Ben Coco
p: 202-682-8056

 Committee Scope

API SC 2 develops and maintains approximately 30 standards on the planning, design and constrcution of:

  • offshore structures RP 2A-WSD, RP 2FB, RP 2FPS, RP 2EQ, RP 2GEO, Bull 2HINS, RP 2MET, RP 2MOP, RP 2L, RP 2N, RP 2RD, RP 2SIM, RP 2T, RP 2U, RP 2V;
  • offshore construction materials Spec 2B, Spec 2H, Spec 2MT1, Spec 2MT2, Spec 2SC, Spec 2SF, Spec 2W, Spec 2Y, RP 2Z;
  • offshore cranes Spec 2C;
  • stationkeeping and mooring Spec 2F, RP 2I, Bull 2S, RP 2SK, RP 2SM, Bull 2TD;
  • non-destructive examination RP 2X.

You can get further details and scopes of the Series-2 standards in the Exploration and production section of the API Publications catalog.



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Ballot Information

NameAPI RP 2MET, Second Edition (Ballot Draft)
Start Date10/31/2018 12:00:00 AM
Closing Date12/20/2018 12:00:00 AM
AssociateBenjamin Coco
CoordinatorBenjamin Coco
ResultsResolution Required
Comments ResolutionResolution Required

Ballot Summary
Did Not Vote10 
Total Responses22 
Total Ballots32 
Response Rate68.75%Must be > 50%
Approval Rate100.00%Must be > 67%
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