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SC19-Completion Equipment

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 Committee Scope

SC 19 develops and maintains standards on:

  • Perforating - RP 19B
  • Explosives Safety- RP 67
  • Packers and Bridge Plugs - Spec 11D1
  • Subsurface Flow Control Equipment - Spec 14A, RP 14B, Spec 14L
  • Sand Screen Equipment - Spec 19S1
  • Gas Lift Equipment - RP 11V5, RP 11V6, RP 11V8, Spec 19G1, Spec 19G2, Spec 19G3, RP 19G4, RP 19G9, RP 19G11
  • Barrier Valves - Spec 19V
  • Completion Accessories - under development
  • Liner Hangers - under development
  • Downhole Well Test Tools - under development
  • Chemical Injection Devices - under development
  • Openhole Packers - under development

You can get further details and scopes of these standards in the Exploration and Production section of the API Publications catalog at


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 Open Ballots

 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 1344SC19/14A&14B Task Group - Subsurface Flow Control Equipment
4088OpenIn Progress03/01/201703/29/2017SC19/ 14A Addendum
Committee ID : 1346SC19/V19G: Gas Lift Task Group
4065OpenIn Progress02/08/201703/22/201719G1 Side-Pocket Mandrels
4090OpenIn Progress03/03/201704/07/201719G3 Reaffirmation
4089OpenIn Progress03/02/201704/20/2017GLHB Ch1-5
Committee ID : 1345SC19/V19SS: Sand Screen Equipment
4067OpenIn Progress02/09/201703/27/201719SS Reballot
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