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SC17-Subcommittee on Subsea Production Equipment

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Ed Baniak
p: 202.682.8135


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 Committee Scope

SC 17 develops and maintains approximately 14 standards on:

  • subsea equipment,
  • flexible pipe,
  • through flowline systems,
  • subsea wellhead and christmas tree equipment,
  • subsea umbilicals,
  • subsea production control systems,
  • completion/workover riser systems, and
  • remotely operated vehicles/tools.

You can get further details and scopes of the Series 17 standards in the Exploration and Production section of the API Publications catalog.



  Reference Documents
  CSOEM Links
  BSEE Report: Guidance on Hydrotesting Deepwater O&G Pipelines

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 Open Ballots

 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 814SC17: Voting Subsea Equipment
4136ClosedFail06/06/201707/18/201717G 3rd Ed - New
4153ClosedPass06/27/201708/08/201717N - Withdrawal of Annexes
4152ClosedPass06/27/201708/08/201717Q, 2nd Edition
4244ClosedPass08/26/201709/18/201717J 4th Ed Addendum 1
4299ClosedPass11/02/201711/30/201717TR8 2nd Ed Re-ballot
4334ClosedPass01/17/201802/28/201817P 2nd Ed
4470ClosedPass05/07/201806/18/201817H 3rd Edition
4480ClosedPass05/15/201806/26/201817X Full ReBallot
4592ClosedPass09/13/201810/25/201817H 3rd Ed Re-ballot
4641ClosedPass10/10/201811/07/201817TR15 Withdrawal
4640ClosedPass10/10/201811/07/2018Spec 17D, 2nd Edition Reaffirmation
4678ClosedPass11/20/201801/10/201917G5 1st Edition
4677ClosedPass11/20/201801/10/2019New !7G 3rd Edition
4707ClosedPass01/16/201902/27/201917O, 2nd Ed Reaffirmation
4768ClosedPass03/11/201904/09/201917TR8_e2_Addendum 1
4813ClosedPass04/29/201906/11/201917Y 1st Edition
4834ClosedPass06/06/201907/18/201917G 5th Ballot
4899ClosedPass08/28/201909/25/201917D_e2 Addendum 2
5004ClosedPass12/27/201902/09/202017D 3rd Edition
5094OpenIn Progress03/12/202004/26/202017W 2nd Ed
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