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SC13-Drilling Completion and Fracturing Fluids

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Katie Burkle
p: 202.682.8507


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SC 13 develops and maintains 14 standards on:

Click the link on each topic to get a list of the standards. You can get further details and scopes of the SC 13 standards in the Exploration and Production section of the API Publications catalog.



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 Open Ballots

 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 992SC13/TG06/JIP: CRA Testing Program
3605ClosedIn Progress06/18/201508/13/2015Halide Brines Technical Report - Comment Only
Committee ID : 1595SC13/TG10: Proppants
3223ClosedResolution Required04/04/201405/16/2014API 19C, 2nd Edition
3495ClosedPass02/25/201503/25/2015Reaffirmation of API 19D, 1st Edition
Committee ID : 500SC13: Drilling Completion and Fracturing Fluids
3406ClosedResolution Required12/16/201402/10/2015Reballot of API 13D, 7th Edition
3606ClosedPass06/18/201507/30/2015Reaffirmation of API 13A, 18th Edition
3607ClosedPass06/18/201507/30/2015Reaffirmation of API 13M-4, 1st Edition
3791ClosedIn Progress02/19/201603/18/2016Reaffirmation 13I, 8th Edition
3790ClosedIn Progress02/19/201603/18/2016Reaffirmation of 13B-1 4th edition
3858OpenIn Progress04/19/201605/10/2016Reaffirmation of API RP 13K, Chemical Analysis of Barite, 3rd Edition
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