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SC13-Drilling Completion and Fracturing Fluids

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SC13 - SPE Copyrighted Papers

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The following is a list of Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE) papers authored by SC13 participants concerning activities of SC13. This list is provided as a courtesy only; SPE owns the copyright for these papers and can only be purchased directly from

2006- SPE- 98094-MS: A New Industry Standard To Measure Rheology of Completion Fluids
2006- SPE- 98743-MS: Modernization of the API Recommended Practice on Rheology and Hydraulics: Creating Easy Access to Integrated Wellbore Fluids Engineering
2006- SPE- 98398-MS: A New Technical Standard for Testing of Heavy Brines
2004- SPE- 86502-MS: A New Industry Standard for Determining the pH in Oilfield Completion Brines
2004- SPE- 86551- MS: A New Field Method for Determining the Levels of Iron Contamination in Oilfield Completion Brine
2004- SPE- 87129- MS: Advances in API/ISO Oil Mud Chemical Analysis Field Procedures