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Subcommittee on Heat Transfer Equipment

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 API Contact

Nate Wall
Senior Associate, Standards
American Petroleum Institute
1220 L Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005-4070
Phone: 202-682-8157

 Subcommittee Scope

Welcome to the home page for the CRE Subcommittee on Heat Transfer Equipment (SCHTE). This site offers information on upcoming meetings, allows questions to be posted for the upcoming roundtable discussions and provides information on the status of standards and due dates for documents managed by the SCHTE. Documents under development and revision are also available for review. Rosters may be posted for information and use among the Subcommittee and should not be distributed outside of the members.

Mission: The SCHTE prepares, reviews and updates relevant standards, provides forums for keeping abreast of industry technology, maintains liaison activities with other standard-writing bodies, sponsors general interest sessions and provides the US input to related standards in ISO.

The following documents are under the purview of the SCHTE:

  • Std. 530 - Calculation of Heater Tube Thickness in Petroleum Refineries
  • RP 534 - Heat Recovery Steam Generators (New document)
  • RP 535 - Burners for Fired Heaters in General Refinery Services
  • Std. 536 - Post Combustion NOx Control for Equipment in General Refinery Services
  • Std. 537 - Flare Details for General Refinery and Petrochemical Service
  • Std.538 - Industrial Fired Boilers (New document)
  • Std. 560 - Fired Heaters for General Refinery Services
  • ANSI/API Std. 561 - Reforming Furnaces for Hydrogen and Syngas Production (New document)
  • ANSI/ASI Std. 565 - Thermal Reactors in Sulfur Recovery Units for General Refinery Services (New document)
  • Std. 660 - Shell-and-tube Heat Exchangers
  • ANSI/API Std. 661 - Petroleum, Petrochemical, and Natural Gas Industries--Air-cooled Heat Exchangers
  • Std. 663 - Hairpin-type Heat Exchangers (New document)
  • Std. 664 - Spiral Plate Heat Exchangers (New document)
  • Std. 667 - Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers for General Refinery Services (formerly Std. 662, Part 1)
  • Std. 668 - Brazed Aluminum Plate-fin Heat Exchangers for General Refinery Services (formerly Std. 662, Part 2)
  • RP 669 - Heat Recovery Systems (New document)
  • ANSI/API Std. 810 - Welded Plate-Block Heat Exchangers (New Document)

Chair: Hector Ayala, ExxonMobil
Vice-Chair: Walter Gull, Unit Birwelco

Active members, thank you for attending the API 2017 Spring Refining Equipment Standards Meeting.

The SCHTE meets next during the 2017 Fall Refining Equipment Standards Meeting, November 13 - 16, at the Hyatt Regency Dallas at Reunion, Dallas, TX. Click on ‚ÄúCalendar of Events" under Links for meeting logistics and other information.

 Meeting Materials

Folder: 2017 Spring Meeting2017 Spring

 Reference Documents

API Procedures for Standards Development-2016.pdfAPI Procedures for Standards
API Document Format and Style Manual.pdfAPI Document Format and Style
CRE SRRR Form, Rev 02-14-13.docCRE SRRR Form, Rev
Briefing Paper API Standards Program and Procedures February 2013.pdfBriefing Paper API Standards Program and Procedures February
Editorial Procedures.docxEditorial
Antitrust Standards- One Page (4-27-11).docAntitrust Standards- One Page (4-27-11)
SharePoint User Information.pdfSharePoint User

 SCHTE Public Documents


 SCHTE Roundtable Docs

API 561-Subgroup 6 Master Draft_051017.docxAPI 561-Subgroup 6 Master
API SCHTE RP 561 Sub Group 6 Spring 2017 MOM.docxAPI SCHTE RP 561 Sub Group 6 Spring 2017


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 Ballot Results

There are no items to show in this view of the "Ballot Results" document library.

 Ballots and Draft Review

 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 1903SCHTE Heat Transfer Consensus Group - Unfired Equipment
4267ClosedIn Progress09/21/201711/06/2017Std. 668, 1st Ed., Brazed Aluminum Plate-fin Heat Exchangers Ballot (Revision of Std. 662, Part 2)
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