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COPM - Petroleum Measurement

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David Miller
Director, Standards
p: 202.682.8159


 2/19/2019 12:42 PM


There are currently no upcoming events.

 Our Mission

The API Committee on Petroleum Measurement provides leadership in developing and maintaining cost effective, state of the art, hydrocarbon measurement standards and programs based on sound technical principles consistent with current measurement technology, recognized business accounting and engineering practices, and industry consensus. This is accomplished through the committee's and API’s leadership role in the national and international standardization community in the development, publication, promotion, and revision of petroleum measurement standards, through its subcommittee structure, and through elimination of duplicative efforts. The committee is supported by API's Standards and Training Group, whose mission is to meet the needs of API and the oil and natural gas industry by producing internationally-acceptable petroleum standards and training programs on a self-supporting basis.

David Miller
Director, API Standards Program

COPM: Committee on Petroleum Measurement   COMQ: Committee on Measurement Quality (Joint Committee with ASTM D02.02)
CELE: Committee on Evaporation Loss Estimation   COMA: Committee on Measurement Accountability
COGFM: Committee on Gas Fluid Measurement   COLM: Committee on Liquid Measurement
COMET: Committee on Measurement Education and Training
  CPMA: Committee on Production Measurement & Allocation


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 Meeting Materials

COPM Spring 2017-Don Sextro award presentation.jpgCOPM Spring 2017-Don Sextro award
COPM Spring 2017-Thomas Patrick (award recipient).jpgCOPM Spring 2017-Thomas Patrick (award recipient)
COPM Spring 2017-Matt Zimmerman award presentation.jpgCOPM Spring 2017-Matt Zimmerman award
COPM Spring 2017-Richard Guilbeau (award recipient).jpgCOPM Spring 2017-Richard Guilbeau (award recipient)
COPM Spring 2017-Malachite Showroom.jpgCOPM Spring 2017-Malachite
COPM Spring 2017-Keith Fry (award recipient).jpgCOPM Spring 2017-Keith Fry (award recipient)
COPM Spring 2017-Jennifer Merkins (award recipient).jpgCOPM Spring 2017-Jennifer Merkins (award recipient)
COPM Spring 2017-Dean Graves award presentation.jpgCOPM Spring 2017-Dean Graves award
COPM Spring 2017-CFS Award recipients 2.jpgCOPM Spring 2017-CFS Award recipients
COPM Spring 2017-CFS Award recipients.jpgCOPM Spring 2017-CFS Award
COPM Spring 2017-Buster Philley award presentation.jpgCOPM Spring 2017-Buster Philley award
COPM Spring 2017-Bill Schmidt at podium.jpgCOPM Spring 2017-Bill Schmidt at

 Forms and Reference Documents

Folder: Meeting Agenda BooksMeeting Agenda
Folder: Standards Development ToolsStandards Development
Folder: Policies and ProceduresPolicies and
Folder: Activities MatrixActivities
Folder: ISO Process InformationISO Process
Folder: COPM FormsCOPM
Folder: API-EI InformationAPI-EI


 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 55COPM: Committee on Petroleum Measurement
5008OpenIn Progress01/17/202002/28/2020Ballot for API TR 2579, Liquid Hydrocarbon Measurement Uncertainty Calculations, 1st Ed.
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