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COLM: Liquid Measurement

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Paula Watkins
p: 202.682.8197


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 Committee Scope

The Subcommittee on Liquid Measurement (COLM) develops, approves and maintains standards dealing with the measurement of flowing hydrocarbon liquids, including:

  • Tank Calibration, MPMS Chapter 2
  • Tank Gauging, MPMS Chapter 3
  • Proving Systems, MPMS Chapter 4
  • Metering, MPMS Chapter 5
  • Metering Assemblies, MPMS Chapter 6
  • Calculation of Petroleum Quantities, MPMS Chapter 12
  • Statistical Aspects of Measuring and Sampling, MPMS Chapter 13 (Joint with
  • Measurement by Weight, MPMS Chapter 16
  • Crude by Truck, MPMS Chapter 18
  • Flow Measurement—Electronic Liquid Measurement, MPMS Chapter 21.2
  • Testing Protocols—MPMS Chapter 22 (Joint with COGFM)

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COLM supports the API Downstream Department's Weight's and Measures Subcommittee.



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 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 296COLM: Committee on Liquid Measurement
3588ClosedResolution Required05/21/201507/06/2015MPMS Ch. 12.2, 2nd Edition, March 2015, COLM Ballot
4184ClosedIn Progress07/10/201708/21/2017API MPMS Ch. 2.8A, 1st Ed, March 1991, Reaffirmation
4253ClosedResolution Required08/31/201710/13/2017API MPMS Std 2554, 2nd Ed, September 2017, COLM Ballot
4303ClosedIn Progress11/16/201712/29/2017API MPMS Ch. 6.5, 2nd Ed., May 1991, Reaffirmation
4304ClosedIn Progress11/19/201701/05/2018API MPMS Ch. 12.1.1, November 2017, Addenda
4328ClosedIn Progress01/04/201802/16/2018MPMS, Ch. 6.7, 2nd Ed., May 1991, Reaffirmation
4341OpenIn Progress01/23/201803/06/2018API MPMS Ch. 4.9.1, 1st Ed., January 2018, COLM Ballot
4338OpenIn Progress01/17/201803/08/2018API MPMS Ch. 6.1A, 1st Ed., January 2018, COLM Ballot
4339OpenIn Progress01/17/201803/08/2018API MPMS Ch. 6.2A, 1st Ed., January 2018, COLM Ballot
4340OpenIn Progress01/17/201803/08/2018API MPMS Ch. 6.3A, 1st Ed., January 2018, COLM Ballot
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