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COGFM: Gas Fluids Measurement

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 Committee Scope

The Committee on Gas Fluids Measurement (COGFM) develops, approves, and maintains standards for the measurement of natural gas fluids, including:

  • Natural Gas Fluids Measurement, MPMS Chapter 14
  • Flow Measurement — Electronic Gas Measurement, MPMS Chapter 21.1
  • Testing Protocols, MPMS Chapter 22 (Joint with COLM)

For a complete listing of active COGFM subordinate groups, click here. To access the sites themselves, you MUST be logged in.

COGFM also maintains joint standards with the American Gas Association (AGA) and the Gas Processors Association (GPA).



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 Ballot IDStatusResultsOpensClosesDescription
Committee ID : 295COGFM: Committee on Gas Fluid Measurement
3681ClosedPass08/30/201510/12/2015MPMS, Ch. 22.2, 2nd Ed., August 2015, COGFM Reballot
3685ClosedPass09/01/201510/30/2015MPMS Ch. 14.3.4, 4th Edition, September 2015, COGFM Ballot
3718ClosedPass11/02/201512/01/2015MPMS, Ch. 22.4, 1st Ed., November 2015, Reballot
3739ClosedPass11/23/201501/07/2016API MPMS, Ch. 14.2.2, 1st Ed., November 2015, COGFM Ballot
3738ClosedPass11/23/201501/07/2016MPMS, Ch. 14.2.1/AGA Report 8, Part 1, 1st Ed., Nov 2015, COGFM Ballot
3876ClosedResolution Required05/17/201606/15/2016MPMS, Ch. 21.1, Section 5.7.1, 2nd Ed., May 2016, COGFM Ballot
3955ClosedResolution Required08/30/201610/12/2016MPMS Ch. 14.7, 4th Ed, Aug 2016, COGFM Ballot
4119OpenIn Progress04/25/201706/01/2017MPMS, Ch. 14.1, April 2017, Addenda
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